Things That Would Not Have Happened On Safe



Encrypted messaging seems to be targeted now pretty aggressively

I would love to start a simple mobile messaging app… But I really wouldn’t know where to take that time from atm…

As Google and AWS kill domain fronting, users must find a new way to fight censorship


But it’s okay…

the number of individuals affected in the breach hasn’t increased from the 146.6 million it previously announced,



We really should put together an annual contest for the biggest security fail ! We have a clear winner here, but participants are already lining up for the prize :

EDIT : The pwnies awards already do this :smile:


The equifax breach really is a horror. Based off of simple probabilities, that’s every household in the U.S. being affected.

EDIT: Should have read the article less quickly. ONLY 99 million addresses were affected, so I suppose it’s not Every household.


300 million people in the US, about 3 people to a house perhaps, could be every household



When you thought this was bad enough…:

…this just happened:


Waste energy. Bitcoin isn’t even adopted as a currency used by everyone yet… not sustainable.







“Smart devices are increasingly being exposed as soft surveillance devices that owners have too little control of,” said Silkie Carlo, the director of Big Brother Watch. “People are now being subjected to invasive and unnecessary corporate snooping on an unprecedented scale.

“The very notion of a smart home is one of ambient surveillance and constant recording, which will without doubt lead people to modify their behaviour over time. If this current direction is continued, we will become a society of watched consumers subjected to the most granular, pervasive and inescapable surveillance. It is a terrifying thought.”


Payment systems, visa, MasterCard etc… Will all move onto safe


I pity the fool that submits DNA samples to companies…


92M ! That goes to hall of fame :slight_smile:

92M fools ! That is a lot of fools. Sometimes I wonder if we aren’t a band of bearded freaks who think caring for privacy should be the norm, in a world where no one cares…


I just came here to post about the My Heritage site … you guys are on top of it!


Sort of related…

Government ins Australian putting in place laws to ‘compel’ co-operation from tech companies to give information over.

Couldn’t be done on SAFE network…but I wonder of legal implications for companies that build on the network?


The laws are most likely from indications given by the government that it will be of the form “render all assistance to law enforcement”. Basically if the company can help it will be compelled to. SAFE it self is safe. And only if the APP is run by a Australian company. But APPs on safe are not run/operated by any company. They are run by the user, so I doubt there is any company to compel