Things That Would Not Have Happened On Safe



Good on you for acting by your principles!


May I add to the censorship category:



Businesses would benefit hugely from the SAFEnetwork.


Maybe a bit exaggerated, but still:

it expects roughly 5% of the energy from the power plant will be used for blockchain related processes.


coal powered blockchain… did someone try diesel yet ? Or whale fat ? Whale fat would be the future :roll_eyes:


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Lets talk about the most important thing that never would have happened.

First lets acknowledge that petrol was the basis for starting modern world. It positive impact prior to 1950 was almost incalculable and it was key to the outcome of WWII.

But it should have been divested for fuel/energy completely starting around 1950. My guess is energy shouldn’t be taking more than 1% of the global economy but when all the unnecessary costs including externalities, welfare and unnecessary wars (bailouts) and other bailouts are accounted for its been closer to 15%. There has been no greater corrupting force or force for inequity than petrol fuel/energy since 1950. Its literally the civil rights struggle II and the greatest fraud in human history. Something like 980 trillion USD in todays dollars has been transferred to non contributors oppressors types over it.

It is largely why despite great leaps in technology Americans for example have experienced massive set backs in their standard of living and quality of life and even lost social mobility. And right now the world is literally being put at risk of nuclear war for a resource that was solidly obsolete in 1950 and for which today their are plug in over night replacements. Literally the US is about to lose its status in the world for not ditching petrol long ago. Its having to hide behind tariff walls because of the lower cost of goods of green economies. And its been a driver if stupid wars. Its also kept a focus on the Mid East as a distraction for reasons that couldnt be less appropriate.

SAFE would have stopped this BS in its tracks. And there would have been no way for 2 mid east countries that share a common lineage but hate each other to put a ring through the nose of the US and idiotically capture one of it political parties and almost capture the other. There would much more peace, much less poverty and hunger and a lot less in the way of comparatively rich but non contributing fools trying oppress. Tech would be way further along. Nuke proliferation would be way less.


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Would we have to worry about dodgy network equipment? If we are all on the SAFENet no way will any spying be successful?


Hackers stole a casino’s high-roller database through a thermometer in the lobby fish tank

The attackers used that to get a foothold in the network. They then found the high-roller database and then pulled that back across the network, out the thermostat, and up to the cloud


Nicole Eagan, the CEO of cybersecurity company Darktrace, told the WSJ CEO Council in London on Thursday: “There’s a lot of internet of things devices, everything from thermostats, refrigeration systems, HVAC [air conditioning] systems, to people who bring in their Alexa devices into the offices. There’s just a lot of IoT. It expands the attack surface and most of this isn’t covered by traditional defenses.”

Robert Hannigan, who ran the British government’s digital spying agency GCHQ from 2014 to 2017, appeared alongside Eagan on the panel and agreed that hackers targeting internet of things devices is a growing problem for companies.

“With the internet of things producing thousands of new devices shoved onto the internet over the next few years, that’s going to be an increasing problem,” Hannigan said. “I saw a bank that had been hacked through its CCTV cameras because these devices are bought purely on cost.”

He said regulation to mandate safety standards would likely be needed.

Of course, there are better routes to privacy; security; and freedom, than come from regulation…


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Can we add the MEW hack to the list of things that wouldn’t happen on the SAFEnetwork?


Hijacking DNS servers, now that is creative. And would not happen on Safe , as there is no DNS server to be hijacked.


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While I’m posting about photos… A killer app would be a phone/tablet app that mounts a SAFE drive… giving me unlimited mobile storage. Something like Google Photo , maybe even with AI when compute is finished. Backup to my SAFE Photos app, restore from safe photos, etc…