Things That Would Not Have Happened On Safe

Users have experienced 27 outages over the past 12 months on Amazon


Oh, AWS is also down. I saw Youthube down several times but AWS down is first time for me.


There is a new scam going around. This is how the scam works: you get a message from someone who claims info of you has been leaked. The image that got send doesn’t load. The moment you click on a image. You give access to your personal info and it infects your device. In the metadata of these images there is a code that can inject you once you download this picture. If you have clicked such an image report it to a mod or admin. Remember to enable 2FA to ensure maximum security.

For more info on images scams see: How Do Scammers Hide Malware in Image Metadata?


Safe Network even protects you from the idiotic consequences of things like brexit:


A sad and cautionary tale, that one hopes the Network could provide resilience to prevent


To be fair if space is NOT privately owned it becomes publically debated by the demos as to what can be discussed and posted there and we’re back to censorship and offending politically correct fluffy bunnies.

So I would ammend we don’t just need a public space. We need a public space which isn’t controlled or censored by a central authority that is in turn swayed by public opinion that can censor others. This is why SAFE is important because no matter how much the public complain about x or y content everyone will still have free speech and secure access to their data. How people FEEL bout that content is irrelevent.


I see people going for “filtered lists/social/media/messengerse” on SAFE so they dont see disturbing imagery at first, then only the bubble they want, then the official propaganda they like, then the only content they enjoy that is under all the previous censorship and we will result to a really mainstream experience on SAFE for the average JOE.

but that will lead to people actually getting what they want from SAFE so it will be a self enjoyment platform and I dont see anything wrong in that as people dont want to return from work and have to fight in their free time instead of enjoying them selves.

that said people that want to see the deep stuff will be able to so its a win win for me! SAFE network for the win!


No more squatting on expired domains.

Long list of new recruits for Russian army leaked from ministry of Defence system.

Oekraine needs SAFE more than every now… Poll for annexation done for few thousands on millions of people while russia is still occupying ukrain land. Only a true decentralized approach where each citizen could sign their vote would have been rightful.

Is that true or did you hear it on the BBC?


Unfortunately this image represents how science works now.

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Hardly a site worth quoting. Grain of salt applies.


Zero Hedge

"Far-right libertarian financial blog

Zero Hedge (or ZeroHedge) is a far-right libertarian financial blog and news aggregator. Zero Hedge, per its motto, is bearish in its investment outlook and analysis, often deriving from its adherence to the Austrian School of economics and credit cycles."

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Does the banning of an account that doesn’t follow “the science”/ official narrative prove the point the author of the banned account was making?

If it smells like a duck, and quacks like a duck . . .


A person only has so much time in this short life to devote to news consumption. What he chooses to swallow says a lot about him.


But the MSM/Tech companies/Fact checkers tell you it’s a rhinoceros… what is it?