Things That Would Not Have Happened On Safe


That is insane. The kind of censorship being exhibited in CANZUK, and many other places including here in SWE strikes at the heart of a free society. Actual arrests for wrongthink, this is not what my grandparents fought for.

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Netwalker ransomware hits Argentinian government, demands $4 million

Welp… this is embarrassing. It is like the CBP network getting hacked.


Months ago we detailed an incredibly scary and Orwellian tool in the local police arsenal known as a “geofence warrant”. As described at the time it’s essentially a virtual dragnet over crime scenes where police request to sweep up Google location data drawn from users’ GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular connections from everyone who happened to be near a crime scene. From this blanket of surveillance law enforcement then try to figure out which phones may be tied to suspects or possible witnesses.
Already this type of blanket surveillance warrant, which works as a kind of ‘guilt by proximity’ at the time a crime occurred, has been used by police to arrest what turned out to be innocent bystanders who were suddenly surprised to find themselves prime suspects. It’s perhaps been used only dozens of times in some states, but will likely only increase alongside similar “pre-crime” algorithm technologies. In one instance earlier this year, a Gainesville, Florida man was caught up in a legal nightmare because he merely rode his bicycle unbeknownst near a home burglary at around the same time it happened.


And the real criminals just leave their phones at home


thank you for posting this one. There are so many security breaches that we tend to forget the aspect of vanishing publications, which is inherently adressed by the Safe network.

I’ll post this anyways…

and it’s gone!


and again…

Do not think for yourself citizen.