Things That Would Not Have Happened On Safe

This is nice:

And this is more of the same ol same ol, but at a larger scale than ever:

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Oh yeah IoT hacks:


Not entirely sure if SAFE will be immune to this level of state-backed attacks but it is an interesting read about how ex-NSA operatives are hired as mercenaries in other countries…

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I’m scared. I have an account in this bank. :anguished:


New study: Google manipulates users into constant tracking

Hacked Customer Data From World Leading Cryptocurrency Exchanges For Sale On The Dark Web?

Unfortunately this could still happen on SAFE if good multi party signature systems aren’t created.

They still don’t have any widely used ones in the entire blockchain space yet, but here’s hoping that they will be created and used widely for SafeCoin


The Safe DNS system (PNS) would not have the problems, caused by centralization, described here:


Don’t want to tempt fate by posting this on “Things that would not have happened on SAFE” … but I just did. :slightly_smiling_face:


Digital Gangsters


Facebook Stored Hundreds of Millions of User Passwords in Plain Text for Years

4 Likes now restored… Twitter having chosen to block it for no good reason.

Mods think they are Gods in certain forums… and “other” interests interfering unwarranted.

People need freedom to communicate and in the case of twitter more often brain dump random alsorts… from which then something substantial perhaps. Taking social media literally as so many snowflakes seem to, is rather missing the creative point of such tools.

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More poor server security handling


As for me, I welcome this change with open arms. Those videos are annoying af. I hope they include anti-vaxxers and will start banning flat-earther comments on space videos too.

Nevertheless, I would be much happier for a way to select the people who do the filtering personally, and I hope that will be possible on the Safe Network. We’ll need some sort of recommendation system in place of the current echo chambers (courtesy of Facebook, both to be informed of things we would be interested in and shielded from stuff we’d hate.