Thieves Emporium


“Thieves Emporium” by Max Hernandez

First heard about this book the other day on the “Bitcoins and Gravy” podcast on the Let’s Talk Bitcoin network.’s+Talk+Bitcoin+Network+Feed)

I recommend the interview, but even more I recommend the book. It’s well worth the $1.99 price of the Kindle ebook. (via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.

It uses very engaging fiction to deal with matters which I know all on this forum find important.

It doesn’t mention Bitcoin or other crypto currencies, but deals with the conflict between techno totalitarianism and the freedom made possible by the same mechanisms which make the super-state possible. It touches on a lot of key issues–not in super depth, but gives a great overview perspective on the key factors and issues in a very understandable and approachable context.

Likely a great tool to introduce people to these themes.

It is especially interesting from the perspective of the SAFE network. Many of the actions the characters must take to be secure are made easy and doable for pretty much anyone via the SAFE network.

How does the SAFE Network prevent network anonymity breach due to physical exchange?

I enjoyed the Bitcoins and Gravy episode. Definitely will get the book.


Hmmmm I don’t have a Kindle
Hmmmm I’m to lazy to read
WTF they don’t have it on :frowning:


Too lazy learn and be very entertained? Can’t help you.

Seriously, though, I’m used to audiobooks as well and they are my preference. Don’t think this one is available as such yet, but kindle format will work on any android or pc. I read it mostly on my android phone.

As I say, I’ve not read to many books since the world of audiobooks has opened up, but I recommend you read it anyway. It’s also available in hardcopy from Amazon, but it’ll cost more like $13-14.


Hmmmm I didn’t know that Kindle format worked on android, Thanks.
Hmmmm I’m not really into hardcopies (poor trees)

Oooh keee I’ll get it for sure and read it, after 10 years when i got time…

Too bad that Max Hernandez, doesn’t have a own website with a webstore with his books. I rather buy from authors directly instead of the middle man, who I want to show a middle finger so bad.

Btw Thanks for sharing