They can create their own banks blockchain within the SafeNet network? now they are interested in it

They are currently considering ethereum trying to minimize and exclude the BTC … I’m interested to know your opinion.

Who is doing this? Who is “they”

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I mean who are interested in the blockchain not Maidsafe, and if private blockchain is easy to attach to the network Maidsafe

Whatever you are saying here, it is unclear. Can you clarify what it is you want to know/say?


I’d mention running this smart contract thing on public blockchains is a bad deal since you’re dangerously exposed. There is no anonymity.

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I’m trying to explain that banks are trying to take over the blockchain the BTC coupling it to your system while preteden exclude otherwise BTC will create a private Blockchain

And my question is the possibility that the banks can make your private Blockchain MAIDSAFE within the network.

Maidsafe does not use a blockchain. So I’m not sure how they’d do that. I suppose they might theoretically store their blockchain on the SAFE network much as has been discussed about having the bitcoin blockchain being stored on the SAFE network to make synchronization easier but that’s as far as it goes. SAFE itself has no blockchain so there’d be nothing for them to take over.

We definitely have a language problem happening here.

As best I can figure what you’re looking at, here’s my input:

They’re looking at other blockchain technologies because Bitcoin itself has enough spread and attraction as to be out of their control, to a large degree. Also some of the other technologies may allow them to do things that the Bitcoin architecture doesn’t allow. They are trying to adapt what they have to keep up, without losing the essence of what they have–ultimate control of the money. They can’t do that with bitcoin itself, so maybe they can do something similar and steal popularity from bitcoin? Who knows.

I don’t see any way for any of these solutions to utilize the SAFE Network effectively, or to SAFE’s detriment.


Thanks Fergish
Sorry my English is very poor

Banks are going to use to make your private ethereum blockchain, this means identifiable centrist, I think they can also do so within the network so that maidsafe not as complicated as it is with ethereum them.

I do not believe they will find the SAFE Network at all useful to them in this effort.

we need SAFEthereum!

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Safe Exchange Just great


Great stuff Daniel!

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