The year tech giants peaked – 2018, a retrospective

This article by Andre Staltz is a good round up of the web during 2018 including the move towards decentralisation. He mentions several p2p projects including SAFE Network.

I think the concluding paragraphs are worth noting regarding Mastodon. If anyone has tried it I think you will realise how slick the UX is and that this is why people love it.

I hope we can achieve that level of UX on SAFE at launch.

This article is how I found out about the Are we distributed yet? website.


When some piece of FOSS actually does start to kill Face Book can’t wait to see the kind of anti neutrality arguments in favor of more money for people who can’t use any more money or more money for people who use money to abuse others. Oh Face Book is dying something must be done by bribery based sponsored law to protect the money enclosure!

Look at this article and note how incredibly backwards the thinking is

Its the same kind of thinking AOL had when it thought it could charge $3.00 an hour for people to access public net data stored on the HDD in their own computer. Notice how this guy talks about ISPs using mesh in the home to have control over what goes on in the home. But he does metion that ISPs are at risk of becoming obsolete.

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