The whole "domain" problem

Before I got to try SAFE, I assumed that the URLs would be ugly and impossible to remember, like Tor .onions. Instead, I’m met with extremely short and easy-to-remember ones, even single-word safe://test (not yet sure how you would create such a thing, because it seemed to require 3 letters at the least for the “TLD”).

But… if these are so short, it means it must exist in some sort of “DNS”-like (ugh… sorry for using that ugly word) system made specifically for SAFE, or otherwise, anyone could just register safe://short after I already have set up a site on safe://short. Clearly, this is P2P, but it makes me wonder two things:

  1. How can it reliably and quickly determine if a “domain” is free or occupied?
  2. Can you imagine how many jerks will sit with a script ready waiting for the exact time when SAFE finally goes live, to batch-register millions of all the dictionary words/combos and existing major clearnet sites as SAFE “domains”, just to occupy them and resell them? How will this be solved? By charging with Safecoin?

I find that many important choices seem to yet be determined. What the SAFE developers seem to consider “details”, I consider crucial for what SAFE will become, and IMO should have been determined by now in particular, after so many years of developing this network.


Try and create it.

Yes and most likely a mix of paying and limiting in other forms will work. There’s a ton of debate on the forum so worth a search.


You need to pack that in, help where you can, but we prioritise. All of that is useless if we don’t work our pants off in the deeper designs etc. (data chains, security, consensus etc.). don’t assume that we don’t have 100% of focus on something means we think it’s OK to ignore :wink: There is a time and a place and none of our Engineers have reached omnipotence and are unlikely to, so calm doon to a frenzy with the side swipes if you can. There is a ton of answers to these questions on this forum where we have dedicated time to answer, so please dedicate some time to search before making these statements.


I’m not as sure; was very impressed with @Fraser and @ustulation in Troon :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah well, if they ever go drinking they can appear all over the place, but it’s just a mirage :smiley: :smiley: