The value of freedom

Just thought I’d point out that as much as we might debate, fight, spit and hiss at one another. Bitch and moan about opposing viewpoints on economies, politics, morality, whatever. We’re all here building the SAFE network. We all want freedom. We might all disagree what to do with it after we have it but we all want it. We’re all brought together under that common cause. If there was ever a unifying force to bring humanity together this would be it.


I was thinking about this, in the context of Nader’s unstoppable thesis on left right alliances being unstoppable in beating incumbent big money and how he’s been having luck getting people who can never see eye to eye over what seemed like basic value differences fighting for the same thing on the same side.

To me if we role back into the Jeffersonian idea with people on independent homesteads most of the differences vanish. You tell them no one has to come to work or rely on the state for anything save possibly (but not necessarily) for the common defense because of demonstrated self sufficiency. That is a picture of decentralized society. People grow up free and with independence necessary to support political power sharing systems like democracy in a mutually beneficial way.


@Warren Not only do I agree and that was beautiful but those are probably the first 2 paragraphs you’ve conjugated and that have made clear coherent sense to me in a long time.


@Blindsite2k I couldn’t help but read your post and hear a Scottish accent in my head and think of Brave Heart…sorry.

I totally agree and think the SAFE concept is one of the most beautiful things I have experienced in my life.


I just wanted to add to this: the power of getting paid to cut cords.

If its like: what the heck is he talking about, well its a love poem. Its the power of getting paid to cut chains and shackles.

Its SAFE on free mesh and its SAFE in its first stage rebooting the existing net and locking out the nonsense. Its us taking back the global hardware that was paid for with our money but at the same time cutting the toll strings as we pay ourselves to build a physical replacement that is even better on privacy (where we want it) security, freedom and real costs.

Its the “commedy of the commons.”

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