The US Oil Scam

I will get some of this wrong, but it seems that in the US there is a war going on behind the scenes to kill the oil scam and the cartel behind it. Part of the oil scam is the idea that oil is limited resource. Its not it seems at least according the theory of abiogenic petrolium genensis, but its been the source of endless war and regular defense spending and its used to prop up and keep the dollar’s reserve status. But its also destabilizing the world and fueling plutonomy and dynasty globally and in American politics.

In 1973 or so there was the oil embargo resulting in huge damage to the US economy and a serious hit to quality of life while it was ongoing including 3 hour gas lines and soy being substituted for beef school lunch hamburger patties, but also the bankruptcy of Eastern Airlines etc… OPEC was blamed but it seems that the US government under Carter blamed its domestic oil producers. The result was they were banned during the Carter admin and most of the Reagan admin from making profit. The cartel hit back apparently with the Iran Contra scam and then later with the first attempt on Iraq. It apparently fizzled and the cartel did not gain back what it lost with interest. The cartel may have hit back there with the bombing of a special bunker in Iraq that contained many of the royal or inter connected family members of the power elite in the Arab Middle East.

The next scam was the selection of George Bush by the Supreme court. It was noted shortly thereafter that the Pentagon had lost track of 2.3 trillion dollars in spending. 911 was perpetrated likely by the cartel to get back into Iraq. In 2003 liberal California was hit by the cartel resulting in the coup of its Governor Davis and replacement with a cartel candidate. That governor was hit by rolling black outs from natural gas (Eron, Haliburton and friends) and had to negotiate fraudulent contracts that were upheld instead of ever leading to prosecution save for Enron once it collapsed. It led to a hole in the budget which led to Davis having to raise the vehicle license fee which led to his removal. This phony hole in the budget was used to unleash a decade of austerity. When Bush’s term ended the Federal government had to return 40 billion but it didn’t go to the promised parts of the CA budget. Bush and the cartel also hit CA with a 40% reduction in water from the Colorado aquifer in 2003. it was a war on liberal CA.

Recently the new governor or CA promised to reduce carbon emissions by 50% 2015, an attempt to set the serious precedent for the eliminating the cartel, its money and its influence. He came very close to getting a bill passed to achieve this. When he didn’t he said he didn’t need the mandate, would achieve regardless and was never more motivated in his political life to do anything. Also said he would get he bill passed. At the same time the Paris climate talks were going on to cap phase out the future profit of the cartel. Also the trouble in Syria, also blamed on climate security or the cartel. Not only that Russia and Iran which dump petrol on the market seem safe in the their ability to continue to do so. Venezuela also is challenge. Crude has been tanking. And in CA Tesla has been showing the way to cut the cord on both the gas station an the petrol power company. Getting highest accolades. It wasn’t long before that New York City flooded and its vital subway stations submerged and New Jersey flooded creating even more animosity toward the Cartel interests than even Katrina did. Cartel puppets in NJ were cooperating with Obama admin in the wake of the flooding.

With its back to the wall it may have been time to shore up the more conservative Southern CA. By actual constituency even Southern CA would be more dark purple to solid blue than red but gerrymandering and vote rigging and puppet media has kept it teetering on the edge of red. Another round of CA governor Brown’s attempt to get precedent setting bills through could succeed and back up CA’s already toughest in the nation standards exceeding the EPA’s strict new rules. Recently the cartel through oil companies in Texas was found trying to meddle in CA gas tax rules with misleading referendum that failed. The cartel’s puppet party was waging war on the EPA, coming to power through its puppet media and fraud. So it seems the cartel may have hit Southern CA with another false flag. The red county with blue constituency as being targeted by a labor union to sweep out the red politicians and those politicians were in trouble at the city and county level for constant corruption. Recall that during the W admin that animal rights activists were labeled terrorist for trying to interrupt the operations of unsafe inhuman CAFOs… This new possible false flag would have have members of a county environmental health government group labeled as terrorists. The cartel thinks of the EPA as terrorist. The characteristic logic…

Tesla with its million mile rating on its car engines looks like it may be setting up to enter the trucking industry. That would be revolutionary. All electric trucks covered in solar cells and charged at supercharging stations set up at the depots could take a further 50 billion dollar chunk out of the US petrol industry. Tesla is about to launch a Camry priced electric and its riding high on launch of revolutionary rocket design. Remember what in the pocket cartel candidate Romney said about Tesla: its a loser. The cartel has everything riding on the next presidential election. its been trying to Sanders out of the lime light. It needs to keep Russia and Iran from dumping and it needs to clip the wings of Tesla and roll back climate change legislation and pull out even of the meager Paris Accord. Its going crazy.

It looks like the cartel’s days of profit are over regardless. What will it do with Japan for instance. It was cut loose from the client parent state relation over Fukashima. It surely remembers how it was drawn into
war with US over having its oil supply cut in WWII. It won’t be dependent on oil any longer so it will set a counter example. it not only experienced nuclear holocaust but then it experienced Fukishima, the cloud could have blown through Tokyo. A nuclear armed japan will be free to develop fusion and show the way to cut all cords on oil and the cartel. Toyota helped give Tesla its start with Numini. Japan likely remembers what the global banking cartel did to its economy in the 90s and what it did to the Asian tigers. Japan converted its debt, isn’t following banking cartel formulas, and although its moved to the right it many not be keen on austerity either.

Japan is just one challenge, science is another as are its political opponents at home and Russsia and Iran and Chinese solar and the increasing in ability to control the media and the spread of information. The Obama admin has been eroding he relationship with the Cartel’s staunchest ally in the Mid East. If Israel had to ask Google not to cover Gaza on Youtube that means the Obama admin wouldn’t help. More than that Kerry apparently threatened Israel with pulling US military and economic support for Israel over the PA and suggested it would lead to the state of Israel’s collapse.