The underhanded C contest has begun!

Check out this year’s challenge:

It is really something this time haha!
If you don’t know what this is, I mentioned it once before in the forum. It is about programming seemingly innocent looking code to misbehave on purpose. It is about being underhanded and tricky in adding purposefully exploitable bugs and malicious behavior with plausible deniability as an honest mistake.

Go ahead and check it out!

This is the result of last years contest (the winner is quite scary):

You can check all contests from previous years here:

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Ha Ha:) used to do that at UNI on the PDP11/40 machine in the labs to the dislike of the lecturers. Also it was so easy in operating systems design on the PDP11-03’s. Mind you got perfect score for theory&practical because the professor had a sense of humour and saw I had to know it to break it like that (That and I aced the theory/practical/extra-work). But that is so many decades ago now, many op-sys designs ago.

I wonder what these brilliant minds will come up with this year. :slight_smile: