The Things Network - low cost, power, bandwidth open IoT network

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The Things Network (via @sam_uk):

Thanks for sharing this project! Its the first thing I’ve seen to do with the IoT that I’ve liked :slight_smile: (though I’ve not done any research).

I think it would be interesting to look into any synergies here. Do you have some plans I wonder, or things you are interested in doing with this and the IoT @sam_uk?

I haven’t thought about how the IoT and SAFEnetwork could be integrated - maybe others have? - but this is a good example to get out teeth into, at least in the thinking :-).

I think to connect the two you would need to introduce hardware as well as software. A very low cost/power internet connected device could provide a bridge to TTN, and this would run the Handler / App server code and use SAFEnetwork for storage (potentially and wider communications with other SAFE connected devices).


Nothing in particular. I’m interested in getting up some Things Network gateways set up in my area and just see how/if people use them.

There’s a bit of a corporate land/network grab taking place in the IOT space. I think much of the IOT hype is overblown, but the things network seems to be a fairly cheap way of opening up the space as a commons and seeing what happens from there.

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I’ve mailed with Wienke of the Things Network in the past, but he didn’t really respond (probably thought that I was sending spam)

Maybe one day they’ll find out that they can monetize their network through the SAFE Network.


Looks really cool and a city like Amsterdam in 4 weeks covered is awesome!!!

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I suspect the lack of reply is that they seem to be motivated by principle rather than money, at least at this stage.

Also I can imagine it reading like a get rich quick scheme…

I wonder if anyone will build an app for it? I guess it would be a generic LoRa backend server rather than code specific to the things network?