The Tale of the Slave - Robert Nozick

It’s only 3 minutes long :slight_smile:

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He is arguing for a coercion free society. But private forms of coercion can be just as bad and are indistinguishable from the worst kinds of states when the grow large enough.

Nozick died relatively young but I think there was some indication that he was coming around in his thinking as his death approached.

He is not arguing for a coercion free society. Robert Nozick is known for many things, but to my knowledge he’s not a Utopian. Instead he is pointing out that government enforced coercion is a form of slavery. A fact that most people are indoctrinated not to believe.

That’s interesting, I have never heard/read anything about Nozick coming around in his thinking before his death. It would have been nice to have a link to an article, book, or maybe even anything remotely substantial to prove your thesis about Nozick.

On that note, I think there was some indication that President Franklin Roosevelt was Santa Claus. I can’t prove it, but that’s what I think. Lol

Definitely come across the “tale of a slave,” before. Its not a perfect analysis, and its the predictable line used by people who want to say the rich shouldnt pay taxes.

US history shows concentrated private wealth isn’t that much of a check on state power. The wealthy should pay the amount of tax necessary to limit their political power and keep them from enslaving others, even as they continue making excuses with market rhetoric and quoting Nozick. Taxes should be used to keep them from using money to harm others (as determined by the would-be voting majority) and to keep them from thinking the wealth associated with them is theirs that they actually earned it, and to radically limit inherited wealth to prevent useless rule by inherited wealth.

If we want a less coercive society we must limit the coercive power of money. We should never be asking about the so-called ‘job creators’ but should be working toward goals like converting large firms to full employee ownership through tax code and getting rid of sponsored media.

I found it thought provoking and I’ll be pondering it as I nod off tonight. I can say if we could find a workable alternative to govt/tax issues in a de-centralised way, then I’d be all for it. The issue I find is that alternative economic models I have heard (inc Mises) tend not to really have safeguards in place for the vulnerable…I’m not convinced by anecdotal evidence of some community somewhere where everything works brilliantly, reliant on charity, mutual societies etc…sure it can work sometimes, somewhere, given the right conditions - I’m just not convinced, though I will continue to think about this, because it is interesting and important.

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