The SUCCESS of The Safe Network (and why I feel that success is ASSURED)

“You responded to him as if he had made a claim that he thinks that higher taxes help and as if he made a claim that taxes on corporations are ultimately not a tax on consumers.”

This is our disconnect… I reread my response and I could have worded it differently (point taken) and used proper grammer. I never intend to discuss this to this extent.

He did not make a claim or suggest raising taxes, I asked a question. Why did I ask this question…the logic is, if lowering the taxes causes all the things Michael point out, I would like to understand what he thinks raising the taxes would do? My next intent was to point out a positive impact of lower corp taxes. To me it felt Michael was focusing on the negatives and ignored the positives in his brief response.


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Sorry if I threw things a bit off track. Anyway to get back to it, yes I also think 2020 will be a big year for SAFE!

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We’ll make it to beta in under 12 PARSECs :wink:


That’s a long time, or I’ve missed the part where they have invented a hyperdrive.

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His mention of the tax break was just a description of circumstances and he was not saying that the tax break was any sort of cause. It would be, as an analogy, if I had said “someone got money as a birthday present, and then someone else stole that money”. This does not mean that giving people gifts is a cause of theft, therefore to prevent theft, no one should give anyone birthday presents.

I personally think you’re misunderstanding his point entirely and I’ve done my best to explain his point but apparently with no success. He is saying, simply put, that psychopaths run corporations and government because the masses are complacent and we let them do so. Simple as that. Regardless of the he-said, she-said, who did or did not get a tax break or any other circumstances, it does not change the core point. The mention of circumstances is only to add detail to an event, it is not to claim that the details of an event in and of themselves are the cause of a problem. If I said my toe is bleeding and I am sitting in a chair typing a reply to you, this does not mean I am claiming that sitting in my chair typing to you has caused my toe to bleed.

As for focusing on the negative – why is any focus on any negative in any way a bad thing? The negative is merely a positive opportunity to create positive change. Acknowledging that the roaches are in the walls is a positive thing because facing a situation and rectifying it is a positive thing. Ignoring the negative is a negative thing, because it allows that negative to fester and for problems to become exponentially worse.

SafeNet in and of itself is a strong focus on the negative towards the goal of creating what could potentially be the most positive change that humanity has ever seen.

A person can not clean up a mess if they are unwilling to look at it. A person can not heal if they are unwilling to look at their sickness. The same also goes for society as a collective whole.

It just takes time to program the navigational computer, so that we don’t slam into a centralized system or crash into a blockchain :smiley:

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Its all good no worries. Being able to acknowledge the corruption in existing systems is good, I just want to avoid things turning into a “my *.ism is better than your *.ism” debate because I’ve seen it happen so many times lol :slight_smile:


Its a “Decentralization Drive” :smiley:


So, when do the people of Europe wake up to the deception of partisan politics? They’re all on the same side of not representing the people. The EU is one of the biggest propagandist lies ever. They’re so scared of people waking up to the scam.


I’ve been hearing about this and it is indeed scary. Humanity has gotten complacent, even in the USA, and there are consequences for that. I think everything happening in the world is an opportunity for humans to learn to rise up, take personal response ability and end the blame game.

The blame game is one of the key driving engines to partisan politics. It allows people to ignore their own complacent contributions to the chaos and also makes it so they are completely ignoring their own power to create change. Adulthood becomes a state of extended adolescence in which mommy and daddy and replaced by corporations and government, and society nurtures a dysfunctional entitlement attitude.

In a blame game environment, a person or group is blamed for all of the woes of the world. In a personal response ability environment, each person is held responsible for whatever it is each person has done or not done, but not blamed by an angry witch hunting mob for everything but the weather. In a personal response ability environment – investigation, facts and logic are used to determine who is and is not responsible for what. In a mature civilization, these things become common sense thus making the process more efficient. In an environment of blame, angry emotionally traumatized people are just looking for anything or anyone to shake their fist at and vent their rage. People in this state are easily manipulated and controlled.

In a traumatized state, any data that a person deems to be emotionally uncomfortable, is written off as delusional or hate speech or whatever excuse a person wants to come up with to justify to themselves why they should not be open minded to data that makes them feel uncomfortable. Comfort just means, that which we are used to. Humanity has become acclimated to tyranny and as such, they are used to it. Which means all of the things people claim they want, are the enemy of their comfort zone, thus resulting in virtue signaling.

This is also why SafeNet is very important because it is being developed by people who already understand what I’m explaining about this, so their focus is purely from an engineering, programmer, technician sort of mindset. A mindset that simply understand that infrastructure that works, works. Infrastructure that does not, does not. They are willing to troubleshoot and find the accurate data as to why what works, works. And why what does not, does not.

Side note: if you spell partisan with a “Z” and then take partizan and spell it backwards, it spells: Nazi Trap :slight_smile: