The Story and Vision of MaidSafe


I made this video based on the audio file of an interview of @dirvine on Sovryn Tech in March 2014.

It’s this interview in particular that first got me excited about MaidSafe when I listened to it in April 2014 :smile: .

Hopefully this video will be helpful to many other people!


Yay for sovryn tech and maidsafe! Yip yip!
Hey Brian if you’re on here get david on again it’s due time. I enjoyed hearing you two on world crypto network with Paige recently.


Simple, obvious, amazing! I wonder why we haven’t done this sooner.


Really so great work done on this project already, I wish the growth of the project (and popularity also) now will be exponential! :blush:


This just works for me. People absorb information easier in different ways, whether its diagrams, pictures, words whatever. I find the the written word easiest and nothing to do with accents :smile:
Again, this just works for me, so I’m sure it will for others…simple, effective idea…nice one… :smiley:


Thanks a lot!
I don’t want to sound like an asshole but I would realllllly appreciate if in every recorded interview there was a subtitle in English, it is really hard to understand David’s accent.


A hae nae ken whit yer aboot, a aye spear right fur whit abody is gibberin tae ma sel, well ma fiers aye :smile: mar sin leabh an drasda :wink: (at least it’s nearly English, but I understand it’s a terribly hard accent to get)


Och aye the noo…fandabbydozy…


Every time I try and talk with the haggis ( Haggis Whisperer) with my Edinburgh’ish (born in Glasgow) accent…they do a couple of backflips and run away :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: …the Sovereign tech interview was the 1st one i listened to also, it’s really great.


This is how I discovered MaidSafe too! Are you on here Brian Sovryn? If you are, then thank you.