The Storj slack channel is interesting reading these days

I played with their client a few weeks ago and it was a really nice gui but it looked liked you had to set-up a space contract for your space that you could choose different price tiers, thought that was rubbish really, but it looked nice. I think they do also have some sort of centralised control servers so if someone wanted to shut them down they would just go to their offices… just stuff I read from their slack chan over the weeks, may have misunderstood or just start-up servers.Correct me if I’m wrong.

Interesting to watch it develop but their price action is pretty stagnant if not fake of the little there is, nearly same amount $ values trades each day, so close to a final release I think they would see a lot more movement.

Maybe all the people who know about Storj know about Maid.


Managed to wreck my 2FA this week and am currently locked out of some stuff, slowly getting back in but makes me think about the Reset Password option of having a few mates emails ID’s as backup so if you are a twit like me you can actually get back in.


Go Maid!

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Interesting statistics they have right now:

355 online users with a total of 1.3 PB (1373 TB) storage in about 1,5 month time!

They are in testing phase B and it is worth also to mention that the 1.3 PB that they have online right now are automatically generated data chunks for testing. I hope for storj that users contribute storage not only for the testing rewards :smile:

I saw Storj pop up for crowd funding on Max Keiser’s Bank to the Future site last night…

They do not seem to be asking for much…