The State of America

American public K1-12 is exists to train people to follow orders.

The phoney American work place exists to keep people too tired to become competitors.

Americans work long hours doing stuff they hate or would never do if they had enough money. Debt, bills and suppressed pay keep them down. They’ve allowed a system where they are literally slaves to other people’s money.

American foriegn policy is a farse. Its all about sabre rattling. But the reality is that there are probably 10 nuclear states in the world and the US couldn’t prevail militarily against any of them because they’re nuclear states, but it doesn’t stop the massive spending. Its foriegn policy is designed to distract through its puppet media from the core domestic economic enslavement issue.

But the jobs are going away due to automation and the slave masters won’t be able to justify their status anymore. come over to the new forum…

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Thank you I will! Wonderful news.