The Spygate Saga

The newly released Mueller report is obviously just a part of a contrived conflict, very much like staged wrestling where actors play roles. But I think the report has a real and important purpose.

Trump and Hillary are controlled oppositions to each other. There is however real and big organized crime going on in the U.S. and around the world, so-called TOCs as William Barr called it, transnational organized crime.

And we may soon have a big scandal of Watergate proportions, still just with actors playing roles but with a specific purpose to bring down real organized crime, such as human trafficking and money laundering through non-profit organizations.

So, yes the Mueller report is a contrived farce, but a useful one with a real goal and purpose of bringing down crime and corruption.

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I forgot to mention how we can know that the Mueller report is contrived. One example is that it says in the Mueller report that Russians hacked DNC emails. NSA whistleblower William Binney has proved that the “hack” was done locally at DNC servers where the information was copied to a thumb drive or similar, and it could not have been done over the internet.

And surely Mueller knows this. That’s why it can be said that his report is contrived. Why? Probably because for legal reasons the evidence of the DNC hack done locally has to be delivered through other means, such as in Inspector General Horowitz’ FISA report that will be published later.

Why would politicians play roles of opposing each other when in reality they are working towards the same goals? Because that’s how to ensure control. And also, that’s how to keep organized crime in line.

If I am correct, is it dangerous to reveal how the manipulation is done? It probably was dangerous to do so in the past but in today’s information society we have reached a point where I think it’s dangerous to NOT point out the possibility.

The way to keep crime within control is to not only infiltrate criminal organizations but even to operate the biggest and baddest crime networks. That’s why for example the CIA often is accused of doing drug trade and other nasty businesses, because they need to preempt real organized crime.

And the same is the case I think with the Mueller report which is a part of a larger goal to launch a public Watergate level scandal, for the purpose of bringing down real organized crime on a massive scale.

The ongoing Mueller vs Barr conflict charade, is that a sign of the Watergate level scandal I mentioned previously? Nope. That’s just a buildup for the real bombshell which will be Horowitz’ FISA report. If that report will be honest, which I believe it will be, then it must include the evidence Bill Binney found about the DNC email hacking being an inside job, or at least, as Binney proved, that it’s impossible that the hacking was done over the internet.

The purpose of the Mueller-Barr conflict is to 1) bring huge public attention to the topic, and 2) prevent the Democrats from dismissing the issue when the tide turns and they become the accused.

The idea that the DNC is entitled to secrecy is outrageous! It is only entitled to transparency.

DNC rigged their own primary, Hillary lost- hope that comes out. The idea that Trump should never have come under scrutiny for involvement with Russia is non sense. I think Trump is a unwilling Russian asset but still captured- you could see it on his face the moment he was anounced the selected winner- he sure as hell did not want it! Very obvious. Russia was trying trying to prevent WWIII over the neocon Israel Saudi agenda in Iran. Probably also trying to buy a little more time for a petrol industry which days are numbered.

I think Congress may throw Barr in jail.
When have the neocons ever been right about anything?

Well, my take is that Trump is innocent. But we will see. I hope I have already pointed out, or maybe I missed it, that it’s only my own theory about what is happening. My prediction is that we will have a YUGE scandal this summer, and it’s going to be about the DNC and the Clinton Foundation, not about Trump.

Here is a recent typical article: In Going After Carter Page, Did the FBI and DOJ Abuse the FISA Process? -

I have done some research about this, and I found an obscure article (I don’t have the link) about that Carter Page was an FBI plant. So the answer to the question in the article’s title is: no. At least if it’s legal for the FBI to use plants like that, which I believe it is.

However, that doesn’t mean that the FISA application overall was legal. On the contrary, the FBI allowed it to happen to expose criminal activity. That’s my current theory. And this will be a key part of the Spygate saga (I changed the title of this thread to reflect this).

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Youll have Russia one one side and Israel and Saudi Arabia on the other. Scams go both ways. I want to see Goldman Sachs and the DNC exposed but don’t have any confidence in the Trump white house to do anti corruption- it wont seem credible and it won’t work politically.

The Hill article today:

“PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla.—President Trump, speaking at a rally hours after the White House invoked executive privilege to block the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s full report, predicted congressional Democrats’ investigations would propel him to a reelection victory in 2020.” -

One interpretation of what Trump said is that he predicted that investigations OF congressional Democrats will propel him to victory in 2020. That’s at least how I read it. :slightly_smiling_face:

CNN article today: “Comey says it’s possible the Russians have something compromising on Trump” -

What a load of crock! What the Steele dossier says (which was used by Democrats to spy on Trump), paid for by Democrats (Steele is a former MI6 agent or something like that):

“A dossier of compromising material on Hillary CLINTON has been collated by the Russian Intelligence Services” -

So it seems to me that James Comey (former FBI director fired by Trump) is doing a projection here claiming the Russians having something compromising on Trump, when the Steele dossier says basically the opposite, that the Russians have compromising material on Hillary.

But his take is idiotic because the investogation uncovered systemic Russian interference which made the investigation worthwhile and fullt justified.

No again, Trump is the one who repeatedly
bent over for Putin in public showing undue and uncharacteristic defefence- that’s what fuels golden showers claimes. Just him putting his daughter in a position of power should have led to his instant removal. We have another Republic selection the last one lead to Enron, 911 and an illegal war of aggression (war crime) in part 2 Iraq and finally the financial melt down. Now we have the same idiots back power- Bolton, Pompeo. At least the world laughed at Pompeo over Venuzuela and now over Iran. But look where were at with this clown, no net neutrality, the idiot Trump EPA saying its too late for the 2100 deadline on carbon so lift all emmisions controls. His tax cuts were stupid. His boarder stuff is dishonest. His SC selections were bad- like the SC is going to rescue him- what non sense. The one thing he did right was the TPA. But now he is even trying to screw up on Iran as he is turning out to be another Isralie Saudi shill. As for his taxes he can’t be an evader in chief and keep the job or stay out of jail. CA will keep him off the ballot over that but so will some other states. He really should be gone because hes an embarrassment. His approach to china seems stupid. But his stance on the fossil fuel fraud is the worst of all. I get he is trying to keep the debt maximizing rigged banking system from collapsing but destroying fossil fuel money and power is the most important thing we can do and he is a total puppet failure on that. So the reality TV joke doesnt get the benefit of the doubt on the deep state or anything else hes as much a non representative shill as shillery. His racism, his name calling, can’t be an idiot and hold the spot. Cant be a pathological liar and naraccist megalomaniac. Need to see if he has a stimulent addiction- never sleeps and sniffs and snorts.

Why’d he think he was Fd when Muller was appointed? Why does he moronically think DOJ lawyers are his personal attornies. Why doesnt he get that he can’t profit from the office? Why does he accuse his closest legal advisors of being frauds? What does that make him?

I disagree. Trump is doing an excellent job I think. And here is a Fox News video from today agreeing with me about the current Democrats vs Barr situation (and they also talk about Horowitz’ FISA investigation):

Makes no sense absolutely needed to know if a foreign government interfered in the election like the US did with France. Need to know why. And need to know if the president is a captured puppet- which I think he is to a few foreign govenments and his own avarice. Barr’s theory of if a crime is successful then its not a crime and the presidency is a dictatorship is pure BS. Muller established obvious obstruction of a conspiracy probe. That probe obviously failed because of the obstruction. But in failing for that reason it established conspiracy because the obstruction even the inchoate attempt just as with attempted obstruction is a conspiracy to hide a conspiracy and all of it is criminal. The proper thing is Trump’s immediate removal. The idea that he can’t be removed is pure bs. No one is above the law. If he shot some one in premeditaed cold blood malice on camera he would be remove immediatly. We need to remove him and abolish the idiotic presidency. We need something much weaker so we can be rid of royalist morons that worship power and greed. All that is happening is Trump is an alternating proxy for Russia and Israel-Saudi Arabia as they try to use the ring through the nose US and UK to battle each other over Iran and the capture of the US and UK governments was achieved by allowing the idiocy of a sponsored media. I think this is out of the bag just like the obvious insolvency and permanent bankrupt massively subsubsidy dependent obsolete nature of the fossil fuel industry and the need for the stupid sort of investor including Gates and Buffet to take the full hit in its non bail-in collapse and full debt liquidation. Let the banking and fossil fuel industries drown each other they’ve earned it. Can’t wait for Corbyn to nationalize the pos UK parasite investor owned (not for much longer) idiotically privatized utilities. Where was the value added in in adding rent seekers into a captured local monopoly power set up? It was just pure theft. I think the UK should claw back the difference from these thieves all the way back to Thatcher

That’s a scary one. Global production of sweet crude oil peaked many years ago, or else they wouldn’t need desperate methods like tar sands, fracking and now even shale oil!

My theory is that Trump talked about invading Venezuela with military force to open up for Russia and China to do the same! Not because of some political or military reasons but to prepare for Sinopec and other big oil corporations to help Venezuela with their oil production. It’s absolutely crucial for the world economy that the global oil production stays up, so the world powers are helping each other.

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I think you’re absolutely right about peak oil. I think it was the pub “oil price” that recently noted the global fleet of 750 plus oil tankers have started making half their trans oceanic trips full of sea water. That’s clearly to hide the 50% decrease in oil use. But coal is way down too look at the closure pattern in the US.

I think we should cancel the bail-in contracts of the banks and force their bankruptcy writing off (not paying off) all the debts they claim their owed down to their 5% reserves then find a new system that isn’t based on the Ponszi scheme of debt maximization for the purpose of enslavement. In the US the pervasive debt pressure on a 18 year old person just starting out given the 68 trillion in US public and private debt (all owed essentially to these private baking cartels) is about $1900 a month in return for no actual contribution beyond money changing- but again it amounts to a criminal private tax on the public its real purpose is to enslave by creating artificial scarcity by driving all the time and energy out of people’s lives. There is 244 trillion in global debt. Not a penny of this is actually necessary. This is like the world where human powered rickshaws run alongside self driving taxis.

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STILL, no FISA report. :frowning_face: Frustrating. But here is an article from today (The Federalist) with a title that is similar to my theory:

Why The IG Report On FISA Abuse Will Unleash Barr’s Investigation Of Spygate