The Seif Project

Hi. I recently watched this video of Douglas Crockford presenting his new project:

It’s an attempt to “rewrite” all the internet and get rid of http/html/css. Instead, they propose to use JavaScript + Node + Qt for application development and JSON over TCP for networking. There will be no passwords and everything will be based on cryptographic public key IDs, and no passwords nor DNS. They have strong pro - security attitude, so in many ways it’s similar to Safenet. Have anybody heard something more about it? What do you think?

their website:

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Sounds like they are trying to remove the file based internet and turn it into a Applications based internet.

Good luck with that. Its placing the internet into the hands of trained analysts/programmers and stopping hobby websites that are text/file based. Its centralising the internet even further. You need capable servers to be able to do the simplest tasks.

Good thing SAFE is still file based and allows the simple use of the network by all.

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