"The Secret Society" and SAFEnet

By the secret society I don’t necessarily mean specific groups such as, say, the Freemasons, or the Jews. I use the term in the global sense, of a putative “Combine”, as some have referred to it. If it exists, it is a more-or-less-loose confederacy of oligarchic bloodlines, that use (and have used, at least since Elizabeth I, perhaps since first-century Rome) intelligence agencies, the occult (in the sense of hidden, not woowoo, and which overlaps heavily with the former), religion, mind control, murder and political manipulation, to retain an hegemony over the entire planet. They own nearly everything. They are the reason (the non-robotic part of) the space program is still piddling around in near-earth orbit, instead of enabling us to take our rightful place amongst the stars.

If it exists, it allows things like Tor (and democracy, and “leaks” and “investigative” reporting, and, and…) to continue because it can use them, and because they create a semblance of freedom for the masses.

If SAFE is really what it appears to be, then it is anomaly. What will the secret society do about it?