The scam to make Paul Ryan President

Right now the Republicans are scared of losing all their power to oppress and even having their oil money crippled and taken away so they are plotting another selection this time by way of the gerrymandered house.

Their plan A is a pipe dream that they can keep Trump from locking up the nomination and defeat him in the convention by selecting someone else. But they would still lose the election and alienate his supporters. Trump won’t quit if they try to deny him the nomination he will run as independent. If he gets the nomination and the Republican establishment begs to run their own independent apparently Ryan they would end up with something like Hillary 45%, Trump 35% and Ryan 20%. Then with this plan B they think they could then have the house select Ryan- but Ryan was a loser from a prior election he’s rightly despised and clearly no more competent that W., just another puppet.

Their problem is after the last selection of W by the court (with resultant 911) even if they could select someone the incoming devestation with new house and senate members would likely reflect more of what the incredibly angry voters wanted and the current hated loser house overridng the public and forcing i the very people the public hates into the presidency and vice presidency apparently Ryan and whoever the senate picked as VP- well both would likely be impeached quickly necessitating another election with republicans driven out. Even Kacich under this game would be going way too far.

The sponsored media risks impeachment too. Whatever happens lets hope we see the end of the sponsored media.