I’m suggesting we should make a MUD or a MUSH using the safe network, it shouldn’t be as hard as making a MMO so I think its a good idea!


I believe I first suggested this in the other topic but yeah totally could go for this. Actually there are tons of MUDs out there so perhaps something better would be a MUD client and a platform to create MUDs.

Use to love me some trade wars :wink:

Talk to @dallyshalla and work in a way to use real coins for trading and this could be a lot of fun and probably reasonably simple to build. I might even be willing to help a bit. I’ve written my share of games :wink:

Honestly the fun me says, “Yeah I could help” but the realistic me says, “Shut up Chadrick, you have too much going on.”

These were both turn based games because I have an affinity with turn based. They were a lot of fun building but I ended them as I was burnt out and ultimately why I started looking into a builder app.

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Really? Didn’t notice. Sorry!