The SafeCoin Roadmap - The Road of Thieves


Of course there is a Safecoin, of course there will be a Safecoin.

Safecoin is awesome, Safecoin is ours.

Safecoin as our most powerful marketing tool has been neglected by all and sundry at Maidsafe and the outcome is entirely predictable.

All those who are willing to throw Safecoin under the bus so easily should go back and read moar.


Yes it is, lurk moar:

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Yes! I believe this is what’s is happening, but Maidsafe are so lax at promoting the economic side of the project i.e Safecoin…that the worker ants are prepared to eat their own Queen…


I’ve been cheerleading this project over the internet and with friends/colleagues since 2014. :grin:


So your like me and leave the sarcastic smiley off your comms…fair enough and welcome. Please stand up for Safecoin, it’s ridiculous to have to even consider letting another colony put their grubby, furry limbs on our Queen.

What are these Ants of Safety protecting folks?


Waif: “a piece of property thrown away by a fleeing thief and held by the state in trust for the owner to claim.”

Looks like Waifcoin it is…


“Safecoin” appeals to the Bitcoin and Litecoin etc. branding that the public are already familiar with. And then there are historical reasons within the project to want to hold on to the name. However, in everyday conversations I find myself saying “Safe” as a shortened version of Safecoin. Admittedly, that leads to some confusion since I also use “Safe” to refer to “The SAFE Network”. If Safecoin becomes popular to a greater extent than Bitcoin and is used more often due to its utility, I think there will be a natural tendency for people to come up with shorter nicknames. I can only speak to english usage, but examples of this include the use of “bucks” instead of “dollars” or “quid” instead of “pounds sterling”. That doesn’t necessarily mean Safecoin should be abandoned, especially since I don’t believe that anyone has yet offered a better term than Safecoin.


If we could all finally just agree to ‘Trellis’ as being the new name for the Network, then we can call the Dapps ‘buds’ (as in flower buds) and Safecoin ‘seeds’. Just follow my lead guys. I got it all figured out. :sunglasses:


If Safecoin can be used at all as the name, depending on how the trademark issue with that other Safecoin project turns out. Searching for “safecoin” on youtube gives a slight headache right now as 90% of the vids is refering to that other Safecoin project and not to Maidsafe. This one gives the most headache as he talks about the SAFE-network and then shows how you can buy safecoin (SFE), check 13:33 and forward.


<sarcasm> Why not “SafeQuid” aka “Squid”? Inspired by nature…
The sapps/dapps would be called “ink” or “blots”, users of the network would be called “suckers”. </sarcasm> :sweat_smile:


Off topic I know, but Is that a Spells of Genesis card? I want one.


Here ya go. BetterSafeCoin . Fixed.


How can someone publish such a terrible video…


Was there any news from the team about the issue with the TM those people have over safecoin in America? People say its a scam and dead project but the safecoin tread in bitcointalk has a lot more traffic than our maidsafe tread. People will be so confused. How about the international TM? Will that be enough to use the name? Wouldn’t it be a waste of marketing resource if we end up not being able to use the name safecoin in America?


What can they say?

They have a while ago TM applied for in the rest of the world, seems to be the best answer. Its now wait and see what the application results in, until then the dev team can only hand hold comment.


As @neo mentioned these types of issues are never resolved terribly quickly. When we have conclusive feedback from our lP attorneys and have agreed the best path forward we’ll let you know.

Very much agree that as things stand it is/will cause confusion and we would need to be confident that we can use the mark worldwide. For your info many people use the Madrid System when filing to minimise cost and paperwork (although it is still very expensive). They file marks with their local trademark office, and pick classes for each mark, and if/once granted/registered can then seek to expand protection overseas by filling in different countries within 6 months of the mark being registered in their local jurisdiction. Each country will then have their local office decide whether or not to register the mark.


I’am alittle worried about if the other project now has US TM, will it be possible to get world wide TM including the US market, aren’t the US market blocked because they where faster by focusing application for the US market? Is it possible that a world application TM overtrump an application for only the US market?


The only way to get a Safecoin mark in the US would be for us to have the US intellectual property office remove Jeffrey Galloway’s (the current US trademark registrant) application, or for the current registrant, Jeffrey Galloway to agree to sell it. There is not such a thing as a world-wide trade mark, but instead there is a trademark that you have successfully registered in each and every country.

Under US rules (each jurisdiction can have quite different approaches), an applicant must initially file a mark and then prove it is currently being used in commerce. The idea behind this rule is that it prevents trademark squatting. The current registrant has been able to convince the examiner that it has/is being used in commerce and in order for us to change the examiners view we would need to demonstrate that this proof of commerce was obtained fraudulently.

I can’t really get into much more detail at this stage as it is an ongoing case, but it is certainly not straight forward, given the differing laws and costs involved. I hope this helps answer your questions.


It makes me calm to know that you Nick and others are on top of this issue. You are absolutely right to not go into details.

I can see that they seem somewhat aware of this when looking at date of registration and when they started trade on their exchange. I hope that there are ways around. As I dont now details I just wish for the best outcome and that there are carefull cost/benefit/risk analysis for different scenarios. You are all very smart and sure already knows this but it gives me peace of mind. :slight_smile: I’am sure you will find a optimum solution.