The SafeCoin Roadmap - The Road of Thieves


Of course there is a Safecoin, of course there will be a Safecoin.

Safecoin is awesome, Safecoin is ours.

Safecoin as our most powerful marketing tool has been neglected by all and sundry at Maidsafe and the outcome is entirely predictable.

All those who are willing to throw Safecoin under the bus so easily should go back and read moar.


Yes it is, lurk moar:

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Yes! I believe this is what’s is happening, but Maidsafe are so lax at promoting the economic side of the project i.e Safecoin…that the worker ants are prepared to eat their own Queen…


I’ve been cheerleading this project over the internet and with friends/colleagues since 2014. :grin:


So your like me and leave the sarcastic smiley off your comms…fair enough and welcome. Please stand up for Safecoin, it’s ridiculous to have to even consider letting another colony put their grubby, furry limbs on our Queen.

What are these Ants of Safety protecting folks?


Waif: “a piece of property thrown away by a fleeing thief and held by the state in trust for the owner to claim.”

Looks like Waifcoin it is…