The SafeCoin Roadmap - The Road of Thieves

Well according to the post above by @chrisfostertv the trademark was applied for in 2013 which is prior to the Maidsafe ICO (April 2014) and so it is Maidsafe who could be seen as the ones doing this, which we know they are not. And so we really cannot claim this group are.

Obviously they are using the good name of the SAFE network since then and it certainly has scammy written all over it.

@chrisfostertv do you know if their trademark registration is a worldwide registration or restricted to a single country?

When was the first time Maidsafe publicly discussed the concept of a Safecoin? Was it not until after the ICO?

Not sure, but it could be argued that until the crowdsale noting was “set in stone” and they too could claim they discussed the name long before too.

That’s unfortunate. Coincidentally, their roadmap shows a glaring gap of nothingness from 2013 to 2017. Well, I guess we’ll just have to see how this one shakes out…

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Our best chance is if the registration is just for one country.


To support your thought that they were riding Maidsafe’s good name is an announcement that they made 2 days after Maidsafe’s ICO in April 2014. In there they called themselves the Real Safecoin

" [ANN][SFC] SafeCoin - The Real Safecoin. May Launch"

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Decentralised, Farming, Internet 2.0/3.0, Autonomous, and now Safecoin…notice a pattern here. Good old imitation/flattery, Crypto got quite comical quite quick.

Very good signs that we’ve backed the right horse.

Doing some searching and its only a US trademark registration.


Looks like a U.S. Trademark only, whereas Maidsafe have a ‘Pending International Trademark’ and a ‘EUIPO Trademark’ with a much wider list of ‘International Classification of Goods and Services’

Almost reads as using existing Maidsafe patents to support the case for trademarks.


Pretty sure that on the filing date of December 7 2013, Maidsafe were calling the token Spacecoin. Hence them calling their token ‘the real Safecoin’ as of

2 days after Maidsafe’s ICO in April 2014

I don’t think there’s any dispute who registered the name first, Maidsafe must have been eyes open. I can only imagine, that they had advice that going with Safecoin was not an issue.

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I’d be a lot more bothered if the SAFE Network name was at stake.
Personally I prefer names like Monero, Dash etc. Feels more modern than all these xxxcoin names.


Kind of like when @JPL started on the custom browser and named it Peruse. What a good name. Could have an opportunity here… at least turn lemons into lemon aid. Maybe the hyper cube guys could edit the existing video?



There is no safe coin, there was no safe coin. Let the TM squatters have their cute name and let’s get the show on the road. Sooooo much more to do before even thinking about a name. It could be one or two years before the proxy gets converted. Besides, maybe there IS a better name.


It’s time for the obvious call:


Call it: SOUL Or SOULCOIN, the soul of the SAFE Net, also meaning empathy, the empathic, inclusive world MAIDSAFE is destined to build…

and . . . . you can dance to it!

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I think the options are -

  1. Try to fight the trademark.
  2. File for our own Trademark. I think at this point Maidsafe coin is probably the best option to clear up confusion in the market. (even if safecoin rights are returned to maidsafe, it will be a brutal long process, and would not help create more confusion in the market).

I am proposing Maidsafe coin because people know the network name - it would be easiest to relate to it. The whole safecoin, safenet coin etc will create potential for confusion. And may not need too many extra marketing dollars.

Both 1 and 2 should be done in parallel.

In that case, I think the international body will review and may grant the US rights to as well. These agencies do not want to create confusion. It may not be a bad idea to draft a legal letter and send it to Jeff Galloway as well as he is clearly trying to capitalize on it. There is no way he can legally prove it.

All of the above can be done while Maidsafe also registers for Maidsafe coin/token.

Yes this is what I found and it told me the socalled safecoin was only trademarked in the USA which lends weight to it just being a token effort to secure the trademark and no real intention to continue with it.

Then i saw that Maidsafe already has submitted UK and international trademark applications. Might explain why the team is not concerned over this project that seems like a scam coin.