The safe network explained using bitcoin terminology


Amazing! I’ve added a link to this Chinese version at the top of the original page.





Thanks! That’s still working in progress. I’ll send a pull request once finishing half of it. Hope will be there this weekend. Still, learned a lot. Thanks again!


Thanks for spreading the words. And good to know a new dapp!


This page had no info about data chains or node ageing, so it’s been added now. Since these features are under development there may be room for improvement; please let me know if you can think of anything.

See the changes in the github diff.

These sections now have content for either data chains or node ageing:


Cool, I’ll incorporate these changes into the Chinese version.

Besides, I have a question about the Maidsafe company, as I stumbled upon this paragraph Bitcoin Core, which says

The implementation of safe network is developed by the MaidSafe organization, which is a not-for-profit organization based in Troon, Scotland.

I don’t know if that’s accurate, cuz I thought maidsafe, the company is for-profit, right? Anyone can clarify this?


The Maidsafe Foundation is “not for profit”.

AFAIK Maidsafe company is a normal company. @nicklambert should be able to clarify this for you


Thanks for the quick reply! Yeah, that’s also what I learned.

So I think it would be great if the wording in that paragraph to be worked out a little bit to avoid any confusion.


Yes @neo is correct @maxweng . The correct phrasing for that sentence might be something like: ‘The SAFE Network is being developed and implemented by, a Scottish for profit company. The company has been set up with a Scottish charity, the MaidSafe Foundation, as its largest shareholder ensuring that dividends will be used to meet the Foundations charitable objects, which are to foster education and innovation.’

Many thanks for your hep with the translation!


Awesome! Thanks for the clarification. I’ll update accordingly.


Thanks for the clarification.

The distinction is made correctly in the nomenclature section of the page.

I’ll update the bitcoin core section with the correct wording. Thanks for pointing it out @maxweng and for clarifying @nicklambert.

edit: here is the change.


Updated to replace old references to ‘structured data’ with correct detail for ‘mutable data’.

Changes can be seen in this commit: 3785615 - Update structured data to mutable data


In the section “Cold Storage” this phrase is outdated:

Unlocking your account requires three pieces of data. A keyword, a pin, and a password.

The reference to the launcher too, and maybe you can add the possibility of minted coin as explained in his whitepaper. And a link to the safecoin whitepaper (I don’t find it) can be nice.

Excellent work, by the way. Thanks.


Good catch.

Updated in commit
445fb03 - Update auth flow and remove launcher references
3bb5636 - Add link to safecoin whitepaper

The maidsafe wiki is also starting to creak a little… I removed a link to Accessing the SAFE Network because it has the same issue of describing three fields for login. Maintaining documentation for long lived and rapidly changing projects is not easy.


Thanks, this is very cool and informative :grinning:


Does this text have a license? Like CC-BY-SA or something?


Amazing. This will be a great read over xmas.
Ah, I would love a paperback copy or something, could be a great xmas gift to ‘nerds’ and other curious people.
Publish it. Can also see a market in the future for a well written text book, CS students will be studying this soon.


It doesn’t yet! But it should.

I’ll add one. Any suggestions welcome but I’m thinking Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International or MIT… suggestions welcomed since licensing isn’t my strong point.


I think creative commons is usually used more on text and MIT more on code.


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