The SAFE Network and competitors

Hi guys, i’ve created this topic in order to discuss about competitors of Safenetwork; If you know some of them you can make a confront.
I’ve learnt a bit about Safe project and i find it revolutionary but i took a look around and found others like Golem and iExec (RLC). They seem to be close competitors and seem interesting but i don’t understand the real differences with Safe.
Join the discussion if you want to talk about the potential of Safe compared to other projects

I just read your “Introduce Yourself” response and you stated you are passionate about blockchain, SAFE is not blockchain. This article might here might be a good first stop -

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hi upstate!
Yeah i’m interested a lot about blockchains but i know Safe is not a blockchain. Sorry for misunderstaing
What do you think about projects i mentioned previously?


Seeing as you know the SAFE Network isn’t blockchain, can you even say the two you mentioned are really competitors or just mere alternatives to a far superior way of handling data?

One of the reason’s I’ve liked the SAFE Network from the get go is the idea of not having to wait forever(even 5 minutes is forever nowadays) to have a transaction be confirmed. I like to imagine being in a retail store or cafe holding up the line waiting for the cashier to say okay sir your payment has finally cleared after however amount of time with a line of people standing people behind me.


I think Golem is just a way of people renting out cpu and gpu power. Safe Network plans to be that and much more such as secure storage of data, secure internet, ability to run smart contracts, create tokens plus more.

Safe Network uses close group consensus and data chains to secure data all the other projects use a blockchain. I don’t know of any competitors that are planning to do all that safe network plans or anyone who plans to not use a blockchain.

You need to understand how safe achieves consensus to understand safe network. The article posted by upstate is a great place to start.


Also read this article


The 2 you mentioned are about 5% of what SAFE will be. That’s the easiest way I can explain it


competitor mentions… I found this one.

Again just a block chain solution. I think people in wanting to apply crypto, see a nail and then apply the blockchain hammer - and it’s only because they know nothing else.


I agree with @upstate that there are no real direct competitors but projects that others may see as related would be IPFS and Chia. I believe there are many though such as Sia, EOS, Ark (previously antshares), NEO. But they will not match the level of decentralization that Safe does, nor the speed or security for how decentralized SAFEs architecture is. IPFS is similar in ways but as another SAFE community member recently pointed out to me, they are only attempting to replace the top layer of the internet while SAFE is replacing the four top layers. This means IPFS will not be as secure and it won’t be anonymous. Also SAFE is autonomous meaning storage will be handled by the network where these competitors require you to configure what you want stored where for what price in most of not all cases.


Golem will be a market place for renting computing power, with the market taking place in an Ethereum contract. iExec is similar, but their focus to start with is giving Ethereum contracts an easy way to run some code asynchronously outside of the EVM.
I’d say the closest competitors to SAFE that I know of would be IPFS and Swarm.


Thanks for the link upstate, is really useful!
Sorry for the stupid question, i’ve just started learning Safe project so i’m not expert but i want to learn more every day. I think it has great potential and want to support it!
Thanks for the help and for the welcome!:slight_smile:


Just got an advert video for this while watching a youtube video.

What do you think?

They transfer USD or bitcoin, when I went to the website I got a survey about ICO if I was intrested.
They are not a coin, but want to wrap a coin around an existing service.

Looks interesting. What would prevent me from trying it out though is there’s no info about the developers, no GitHub repository, no press reviews - nothing. Which is a bit strange. Could be malware / botnet, who knows?

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Just another crypto ponzi

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IOTA have a data marketplace POC launching with an impressive list of supporters:

It looks to be based around their tangle directed acyclic graph technology (blockchain alternative).

Isn’t this the sort of thing Maidsafe should be doing? The introduction read like something which many would associate with safe net.

Edit: it looks like the market responded well to the news with a near 30% increase on the day too.

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Interesting concept. As far as I can tell it’s just real-time data streams without history. SAFE would be great to store the data.


Very good marketing and, after almost six months since its public launch, a technical failure. Their numbers are horrible without reaching a confirmed transaction per second, very low confirmation rate and average confirmation times that exceed several minutes and even hours.


@maidsafe, have IOTA been approached? Perhaps it would be worth opening a dialogue with them if not?

I confess to have limited knowledge about IOTA, but they seem to have a lot of big names backing the project and a 3.5bn market cap to boot.

David Sønstebø, the CEO and founder of IOTA, follows, at least, Irvine’s blog (and I suspect that this forum too).

Two days after this Irvine’s post in Metaquestion

David Sønstebø wrote a bad copy in their blog with the same title.