The SAFE Network: A dark web-style solution to the online privacy problem


As well as offering privacy, the network remunerates its users for being part of the project in a cryptocurrency, SAFEcoin, which you can use to pay the one-off charge when you first download the software.



Yeah there are a few things that aren’t quite right. Not sure where the Ticketmaster reference came from either.


The dark web style talk I’m not a fan of. The dark web already exists. I’ve been in this community for years and there has been zero talk of drugs or anything criminal.


ya but we still can’t deny this new technology might be a new conduit for like child porn. Just to be clear not saying it is the cause or that never happened before… Just it might turn out to be useful to these unsavory characters and there really would not be a way to stop them short of making using the network illegal alltogeather

drugs have been illegal all over the world for 100 years. This has not diminished their use … One technology can not be illegal because bad people will use it…

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I tried to be careful to put this point forward in a way that expressed the safe network is not inventing child porn. The only reason I mentioned making it illegal alltogeather is because I don’t really see a way we could otherwise make this tool not useful to those people. That doesn’t mean I am against creating a tool that has so many positive uses. Just saying there doesn’t seem to be another way besides just not having it at all, which I agree is a shitty option.

Weapons are useful for criminals. Roads are useful for criminals. Money are useful for criminals …:wink:

Technology can not be banned because it can be useful for criminals. There are laws to that end…

I do fundamentally agree with this. We can’t ban guns cause people like to use them for hunting and target shooting and thinking they could potentially overthrow the government. That doesn’t mean we should not look for ways to control them getting into the hands of gangsters and murderers. The problem is: this is too much of a useful tool to just not have because criminials will use it. Accepted. Now given we are going to have this tool, is there any way to make it harder for people to use it for criminal purposes?

There is a big topic for this Recent questions about SAFE's societal implications. And those sickos will not trust SAFE for quite a while in my opinion. They already have their own encrypted systems so it would take quite a while to trust SAFE is not a honeypot or capable of being used as one. Especially with perpetual data which allows police to breaking into a group (covertly) then all the evidence is kept for the courts. Their current systems would allow them to destroy evidence as is often reported.

So please take this talk of illegal uses to the topic for that.

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