The SAFE Mobile Apps Topic

These brand new mobile apps deserve their own topic!

Mobile examples

Demo mobile applications that showcase some of the initial key features of the Alpha 2 SAFE Network. For now, only Android is supported in devices. These apps can be used in conjunction with the Alpha 2 desktop apps; the SAFE Browser and the Email/Messaging App.

SAFE Authenticator


SAFE Messages



I needed to give Firefox permission to be a source for the so called .apk files (Android Package, the bundle of the App). Android normally blocks other app sources and wants you to download all from Google Play. But when you download a .apk file with Firefox you are directed to the setting to change this :+1:.

After downloading both the Authenticator and SAFE Messages you can install them both:

Let’s log in with the Authenticator, make sure you’ve set your IP on the invite page!

Here are both apps on my Google Pixel by the way, how cool is that!

Time to start SAFE Messages and trigger the Authenticator…

Here we go, your SAFE Messages on Android

No mail yet, so feel free to spam me at: polpolrene


From yesterday’s dev update:

Just tested the new Apps and I got several messages from people from tablets and mobiles. Of course I replied to them all using my Android! Very cool! I like to point out 3 things that are confusing to people and hope others can help think of a solution. I understand these are Apps to help devs outside of MaidSafe with quick start, so consider these findings for anyone that can work on the Apps.

You need to use the Authenticator at first to log on.
I know, that’s how SAFE works but it might scare some people a bit if they’re new to SAFE. Not a real problem though, because it’s probably the only way to go. Would it be possible to combine both the Authenticator and the App? Or maybe future Apps as well? That way each App would start the Authenticator in the background as part of itself. The SAFE Messages App would go from 60mb to 120 mb. And each other App would become 60mb bigger as well. And you would also need to check if someone already logged on using any other SAFE Mobile App. It gets confusing quite fast.

You need to log on every single time you use the App
A way around this is to protect the App with a pincode or Face ID or Fingerprint. So people log in once a week (also to make sure they won’t forget their log in credentials) but can authenticate with the Authenticator using a fingerprint or something for the rest of the week.

The Login button is out of view
When you log on to the Authenticator you’ll see this screen with a Login button:

Now when you tap the “Secret” field this happens:

The Log in button is gone, and to go from “Secret” to “Password” you need to remove the keyboard manually. I’ve tested it on several different Apps and found that most of the time the “Log in fields” and even the Log in button bump up to be all visible when the keyboard comes up. The Netflix App didn’t allow me to make a screenshot but that one works the same way. When you type in your log in credentials both the “username_field” and “Password_Field” and the Keyboard and log in Button are all visible. That way you type in the credentials and directly hit the Log in button without removing the keyboard.

Hope my explanation makes a bit sense.

Anyway, I guess the next mobile App should be a browser isn’t it?? :sunglasses:. Firefox Focus is a mobile privacy friendly browser. Have a look:


Is this can be used by Level 1 user ?
or is it still on trial :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Can be used by anyone (lvl 1) :wink: just follow the links in the update

Edit: oh the link broke with re-citing (

[mind that you might need to allow installation from non playground apps :wink: ]

Install the apps, update your IP on

And you are ready to go :blush:

Much new with regards to Mobile Apps on SafeNET?

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@dammeul , from a day or so ago.

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Hi @John do you know of any documentation for the nuget package? I’ve added it into a fresh Xamarin setup, and now looking to see what I can do with it!

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@dammeul You may wish to get more specific support getting started by asking this question on the developer forum, under the category “Support”.

This weeks developer update had information relating to mobile …

“We have started to work on developer’s guide for .Net developers which help them while developing desktop and mobile apps for SAFE Network using .NET Core, .Net Framework and Xamarin. These guides will be published soon on SAFE Network DevHub website.”

Alternatively, someone else reading this (with mobile dev experience) might be able to answer your specific question.

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Thanks @John still getting used to navigating across the two forums! I’ll have a good root around the dev one and then ask if I can’t find anything! Thanks for your help!

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