The SAFE DAO - Funding early stage innovation on the SAFE network

I’ve just created a topic to discuss doing airdrops on Safe Network and the (problems/issues/difficulties) of such :slight_smile:

I think if a Safe Network app can be built that allows developers/entrepreneurs to easily create and manage their own airdrops on Safe as well as to categorize and track existing airdrops on Safe … then essentially we would have the perfect funding mechanism and we wouldn’t need any organization to manage it, just some devs to create and maintain it (on SafeGit!).

Edit: Possibly this app could also be part of a decentralized exchange on Safe? IMO - this should be a top priority for the launch of the Safe Network. I would be interested in discussing funding the development of this with others who are keen.

What do people think?


I can imagine being able to set-up an airdrop on such a decentralized exchange app and even linking the new airdropped coin to the project itself - so if the airdrop is going to pay for the development of an app, then the PtD from the app usages goes to the airdropped coin holders.

The current ecosystem for doing ICO’s and even airdrops is fragmented. I go to one website to look up and research ICO’s and airdrops … then to another to buy in (if an ICO), then to another to trade them (much later down the track if an ICO … and if the exchange allows the coin on it) … with a decentralized exchange app on SafeNet that allows me to do it all in one place and to manage all my tokens securely and anonymously … as well as allowing developers to issue and manage tokens too … my head explodes … market disruption to the moon

This sort of thing could be one of the killer apps for the Safe Network.


I really like this concept @TylerAbeoJordan

It matches a decentralised funding model, a user engagement tool and SAFE network capabilities in one.

And like you said the current system is a complete heed feck!

Tieing back to my original post, a DAO of sorts could be used to fund ideas like this. Ideas that directly build other eco-system ideas with PtD rewards in-buil as a financial reward.

So far there seems to be a few developer models out there.

There’s the Community Engagement Program - sort of like a kickstarter with Maidsafe company funding the chosen projects.

Then there’s @whiteoutmashups who seems to have done the first (?) MAID ICO type venture with early backers funding him to develop some MAID projects.

Then there’s just solo developers giving it a go like the JAMS music sharing site.

As @happybeing alluded to, all ideas are probably viable models. But it takes people to drive them. And developers to use them…

I suppose my min question would be, when is the right time to really start pushing these ideas? Too early and developers will be constrained. Too late and could miss an opportunity…?


Yes, the creative force of the positive space is so much more compelling than the negative in the same way that hope is more powerful than fear.

This right here exemplifies why I love the SAFE community so much. Where else in the crypto space can you get such depth of thought? Decentralization and crypto were born out of the desire to facilitate trustless transactions. Thus far blockchain, due to its technological limitations, has served as but a hint of what the world could be like if trustless transactions—of any type (e.g., money, data, etc.)—were feasible at scale. As you put it, with the SAFE Network, you “didn’t have to trust anyone…On SAFE, there was no ‘God.’” Only The SAFE Network can deliver decentralization’s trustless dream. Therein lies the freedom of safe access for everyone. Or, as you put it: “the same concepts of ‘privacy’ and data sovereignty’ suddenly made vivid and limitless…”