The "Safe Crypto Show"


hmhmmm - on youtube there seems to be something with the sound between 2:40 and 4:90 or so …?


Thanks @riddim for the heads up. I have fixed and changed the link for the video.


Apologies for the sound quality this week (static) - if it’s not one problem it’s another. This week seemed to be a connection issue. We will continue to work on it and hopefully sooner rather than later we’ll get it sorted out.



blog/shownotes page:


Apologies again for the sound quality this week - Last week we had the same problem and I misdiagnosed it as a connection problem - it seems it is a problem with my sound system and will work to nail it down this week. I realize it seems like the sound problems are never ending (it feels like that to me sometimes as well), but I think I am making headway. A big part of the issue is that it is a recording of a conference call as opposed to just a recording of myself.



stupid and off-topic question - how did you get that dark background to the forum? - are there skins that can be activated i didn’t see? or are you using stuff like greasemonkey for that …? :open_mouth:


I am using a google chrome extension called ‘dark reader’ which allows me to dark mode any website. It has a nice whitelist, but works well with most sites.


No show this week - sound was so bad I decided not to post it … ;-( Will be installing a different OS in attempt to get around this problem this week and if that doesn’t work I will get a new sound card.