The "Safe Crypto Show"


hmhmmm - on youtube there seems to be something with the sound between 2:40 and 4:90 or so …?


Thanks @riddim for the heads up. I have fixed and changed the link for the video.


Apologies for the sound quality this week (static) - if it’s not one problem it’s another. This week seemed to be a connection issue. We will continue to work on it and hopefully sooner rather than later we’ll get it sorted out.



blog/shownotes page:


Apologies again for the sound quality this week - Last week we had the same problem and I misdiagnosed it as a connection problem - it seems it is a problem with my sound system and will work to nail it down this week. I realize it seems like the sound problems are never ending (it feels like that to me sometimes as well), but I think I am making headway. A big part of the issue is that it is a recording of a conference call as opposed to just a recording of myself.



stupid and off-topic question - how did you get that dark background to the forum? - are there skins that can be activated i didn’t see? or are you using stuff like greasemonkey for that …? :open_mouth:


I am using a google chrome extension called ‘dark reader’ which allows me to dark mode any website. It has a nice whitelist, but works well with most sites.


No show this week - sound was so bad I decided not to post it … ;-( Will be installing a different OS in attempt to get around this problem this week and if that doesn’t work I will get a new sound card.


I have created a Riot chat room for discussion of weekly show topics. If anyone is interested in participating or just following the feed, please DM me your email address for an invite.


Sound Problems Resolved! The show Goes On!


hmmm @fergish always had this download button for soundcloud :open_mouth: so one could just download the mp3 and listen to it while on the move :thinking: that is an option i used a couple of times …


Hey @TylerAbeoJordan.
To activate the download button, edit the file and go into the Permissions tab. There is an option there that allows download. It is unchecked by default. Select it and save. Then folks like @riddim and myself can download for the road. Looking forward to listening.

EDIT: Just occurred to me that I think you need to have a Pro account to enable the download link.



sorry folks, I don’t have the pro account required for the download button … yet … one step at a time :wink:


Oh don’t worry - all good =) just assumed it would be a standard feature and thought it would be cool =D not worth too much trouble - I listen it on YouTube as well xD


Our latest episode of the Safe Crypto Show - S01E12.

download audio link:


Nice work. Among other highlights it’s great to see the MaidSafe weekly developer update getting out via different medium.


The mission of the show is to attract new people into SafeNet through … wait for it … click bait!!! … Seriously though, the idea really is to mix news about multiple crypto projects with the weekly update in the hopes of attracting interest in SafeNet.


S01E13 - Pantos ICO and MAIDSAFE licensing with Identillect

download audio link:


Great increase in audio quality! Really appreciate you news gathering. Going on my “listen to all new episodes” list.


The audio improvement is all due to your suggestion to use rollcall @fergish, so thanks to you for that!


S01E14 Binance Decentralized, BitThumb Kiosks, MAIDSAFE Update



Audio download link:

To download audio, right click and choose “save video as” (it’s only audio, but browser maybe doesn’t know that).