The "Safe Crypto Show"


I have started a weekly show, with a couple of friends. The last section of each episode will be a brief review of MAIDSAFE’s weekly update.

Not super great quality yet and will take a few weeks to get that right - I’m a noob at video/audio editing, normalizing, etc. Also needs a more professional intro and closing, but we will get there in time.

Here is the link to the youtube channel:

facebook page:

Soundcloud channel:


DTube: coming soon

I hope it is interesting/useful for people :wink:



SAFE Network Dev Update - November 15, 2018

Man,… ideas ,… intentions… good will … I-was-going-to-do-it kind of talk… are nothing! Actions speak louder than words!! This is what super great quality is all about and you are doing it>. Congratulations on your endevour!. … the rest is only a bit of work to perfect the idea put forward…


Thank you for your kind words! :wink: It means a lot!


New episode released - Safe Crypto Show S01E03 - War between Bitcoin and bitcoin cash and a spotlight on MAIDSAFE

I’m a bit wooden as I was reading from a monologue. I will get better with practice.

I did also make a couple of errors when talking about safecoin. When I do another spotlight on MAIDSAFE in the future, I’ll get it right! :wink:


: (colon)
First to be here… Hope safe network progress well.


second !! :smiley: :smiley: … LOL


Doing this type of stuff is a lot of work Tyler, many thanks for making the effort and I look forward to catching to the next episode.


Episode four of the Safe Crypto Show – no MAIDSAFE this week as there was no update by MAIDSAFE, they’ve earned a good rest :wink:


Our latest episode … took me an extra day to get it out due to sound problems that required much tweaking. Enjoy!


I like your show and I am very glad you improved the sound levels so it’s much easier to listen to the last episode. Anyway, I personally find the music in the background annoying… Sorry for saying it so strait-forward but I think you can easily improve it in the future episodes. :slight_smile:


Actually, the background music was one of the main reasons I was having a problem with the sound this time around … so you don’t have to worry, I’ve learned my lesson and the music will only be in the intro from now onward :wink: Thanks for watching!


Is it easy to get it on SoundCloud too? I listen to those in the car during commute without killing data/battery.


Yes, SoundCloud would be helpful.


I will see what I can do :wink:


Here is Episode #6 … Had a lot of problems with the sound as usual, but this time I think I am getting closer to solving it - expect the next episode to have higher quality sound.

Still working on the soundcloud, maybe next week will have it there. Sorry for the delay.


Thank you very much - very interesting indeed


Awesome thanks for sharing the love man.


This weeks show, enjoy! BTW, we have mostly addressed the sound volume issues. I will work on putting it up on soundcloud today.


SoundCloud upload:


SCS S01E08 - The $325MM EOS.IO fund, South Korea settles down, & MAIDSAFE update

This weeks episode. We discuss EOS’s MASSIVE new fund and collaboration with Galaxy Digital and what it means for the cryptospace.