The SAFE Browser (with Authenticator)


I can’t answer for @MaidSafe on that but to me it just doesn’t make sense to not have a browser on mobile.

So if you can decode my double negative :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure there will be!


Nope and dev update to the rescue for the answer (so far)


Actually I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it mentioned they would be using to cross compile on multiple platforms :slight_smile: couldn’t find the link for where I had seen it though.


Kumar joined the team to work in the java safe_app library especially aimed at the android (and IOS) development.

A new team member (@Kumar) joined our team earlier this week. He will be working on the Java side. He has been setting up some samples using Maven for dependency management and also to figure out the best possible approaches for distributing the Java safe_app library.


Google found a number of bugs in the DOM of several big browsers. They released a tool to fuzz the DOM yourself:

The tool:


I am very interested in decentralized networks. I downloaded SAFE Browser and noticed that it has built-in support for dat and ipfs. Are there any plans to incorporate ZeroNet, Scuttlebutt, Tor, and/or I2P? I know that I2P eep sites and Tor hidden services are not decentralized, but they have similar use cases to decentralized websites on the SAFE Network or ZeroNet.


Short answer - No

Long answer - to do so is to expose the users. Safe network is anonymous and to include others is to open users to be known


is the browser functional


yes it is, you should play with it and see the websites


when im using safe browser will it mine safe coins ?
if not what else will i need to do


Probably not. You need to run a Vault to mine Safecoin. In Alpha 4 we’ll see Vault from home again, where you can run one as a test. No Safecoin involved yet, so Farming isn’t possible then.


I put this together a few months back in order to answer some basic questions for people new to SAFE. Hope it helps.


Hi, I’m trying to download the SAFE browser. It’s asking me for an invitation token. How do I get one? Do I need one before I can download the browser? Btw, I like this site. I didn’t know this was here, really happy to be a member.


Hello! Welcome to the forum. You need to be Trust Level 1 (Basic). Will take you an hour or two. This is to prevent people spamming the test networks.


Hi, thanks for the info. I’ll start by reading some posts. What a great site. Thanks again


hi, I’ve got a question about Safe Browser.
It cache the web pages? i tried to use it and It seemed to me that it did not.

thanks for the replies


Nice tutorial. Thanks for the info. But I need to work to get level 1.


I have used the Safe browser, but I can’t find it on my computer, so I must have uninstalled it. Why? I’d like to remember.
What does one have to do to download it? I’ve found no URL with this answer.


You can download it from or from here - I’d recommend GitHub as it’s more up to date, but the latest version 0.8.1 doesn’t install - you unzip it and run it from the extracted folder. If you really want to install the browser you can use version 0.6.0 but not everything will work properly.


I really need to try out of and really wonder what if the Maidsafe has been block at first like school or company centralized network, how could it send account creation to authenticate? It would be nice if you could explain. Or, I might lost that it will pass the proxy or those network decentralisedly without proxy!:grinning: