"The SAFE Browser was not able to connected the network."

I’m trying to use the SAFE Browser. I discovered some websites in this link https://hub.safedev.org/dapps but when I try to see this websites on the SAFE Browser, the message is always the same: “The SAFE Browser was not able to connected the network.”

Can anybody help me?
*Is there any directory of safe websites? The resources I found seems to be outdated…

There is currently no live test network, so you can’t use the browser at present. Hopefully in the next few weeks there’ll be a new test net.


Hmm, ok, thank you

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They are very busy with the vaults from home and getting that fully working, so stay tuned!


It would definitely be good to get a test network running again soon. Without one, it is hard for new users to engage with the project.

To give the OP some context, the alpha network was based on an old stack, with many differences in interfaces and functionality. It was felt to be confusing and costly to keep running the aging network, when the new iteration was close.


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