The SAFE Browser was not able to connected the network. on v0.15.2-win-x6

Installed safe-browser-v0.15.2-win-x64.exe on Windows 10 Pro Ver. 1809 Build 17763.805
Registered IP at
Ensured Firewall has both Private and Public checked for 'safe browser.exe’

All URLs(safe://, http://) return ‘The SAFE Browser was not able to connected the network.’
(I am able to browse the Internet from Firefox, of course)

What am I missing?


hey @guharaja!

That invite process and alpha-2 itself are now deprecated (Alpha 2 is being wound down today; and we’re removing that misleading info from the websites also). Apologies for the confusion there!

The current test network is a shared vault so if you follow that post (still using 15.2) and get the shard vault set up, you should be able to access the network!