The right kind of private property

The right kind of private property is the kind that in practice allows everyone to be self sufficient and even idle if they like. It would take the form of granting all people self sufficient homesteads.

The wrong kind of private property and exactly the kind right side thinkers are always trying to, creat and preserve is the kind that takes that homestead or property from others and associates enough of it under a thug or thugs to create enclosure market or movement and deprive people of their liberty and steal their lives. Its really property for murder.

They have to first steal livelihoods to enslave through standard tools like bribery (money as speech) and extractive debt.

A wasteful person cannot ever be self-sufficient.
Granting such right to everyone would reward the lazy, punish those who produce more than they spend and on top of that it’d also give some practical ideas to those who are wondering whether they should work hard and obviously there’d be no point in doing that if one could sustain himself by simply taking from others.

That kind of basic self sufficiency can be automated. And that automation can be hardened. If they want to starve themselves, that is different.

There would be nothing to take from others. And no punishing. As for working hard, that’s an excuse given our automated inheritance. The hard work will be entirely voluntary when and if it happens. Those with the production mentality would pay much higher rate for the help of others because it would be entirely voluntary. The wage slavery would be over. It would be about impossible to get people involved in wars for profit. Slavery, especially wage slavery would be over. And you know I think slavery works out to be worse than genocide.

I am thinking mass starvation would follow as with today’s population the world is so interconnected that it’s impossible to be self-sufficient except for a tiny minority that lives on their own land.
Everyone else depends on the smooth functioning of the market and if it were to work less smoothly all hell would break loose.

Do we want real freedom or not? Doesn’t have to happen overnight but it needs to happen for stability and getting at what has generated all the rhetoric through out the ages. It addresses all the genuine concerns of both the right and left side of any equation. Although it wasn’t grand to be without, pain killers-xrays-surgery-antibiotics-lighting- toilets-quick transport-air conditioning… we had this for a long time before the fight over property.

Also decentralized local production (the way it used to happen) aided by sufficient automation and the network is replacing the market. Markets with their instability and exernalities and issues with oligopoly and monopoly were never quite sufficient. Even as they were better than a lot of prior solutions they were always very wasteful. There was generally a bunch of overstock and inventory and unnecessary transport. Now its can be just in time from the manufacturer to the door and the network search mechanism has replaced the retail store or core physical market function and even the ad function. Fabber tech on the customary market supply side will be pretty revolutionary too. Regardless of the form it takes, employee owned, cooperative, corporate, DAO the ability to combine some centralization with open source and fabber tech will only magnify the decentralized hardening of " the right kind of private property." We will have general suppliers who just fab stuff when ordered over the net and ship it directly from their closest local fabbing center- sometimes by drone.