The Revolution in Rojava

In the ashes of the modern state of Syria, an anti-ISIS has emerged, the democratic ideals of which put the West to shame and makes so-called modern democratic states look more like ISIS than the revolution I speak of. It is the Kurdish-lead confederation in northern Syria. I believe it is unique in history; it needs all the help it can get.

Here are some facts about these inspiring revolutionaries:

  1. They place gender-equality as their top priority because their work is rooted by the notion that coercive states (modern and ancient, capitalist and communist, etc.) derive their power from the lowered status of women.

  2. They emphasize the inclusion of minorities while they would be expected to, after years of oppression, make a “Kurdistan” for themselves and become the oppressors.

  3. They are NOT trying to form a new “state” at all, yet their system has been able to provide all the things that were supposedly exclusive to states; most notably, they are able to defend themselves from foreign incursions, as Rojava is famous for its staving of the spread of ISIS at its borders.

  4. Their system is almost entirely bottom-up; its foundations are local councils which elect representatives (who can be un-elected at any time) that form councils to address larger scale issues, and so on recursively.

Let us pray that this system spreads throughout Syria, the Middle East, and eventually the entire planet, recursively structuring a “world government” literally “for, by, and of” the people.


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