The reputation of Safe

Safe has a terribly damaged reputation. It is not taken seriously. Even after it launches it’s going to take years to repair the damage.
The way the image of the project was managed early on is what lead to many discover it and support its efforts. Today there is no management of image. Supposedly we as a community are supposed to be the managers of the image. Just imagine what Ford would have been like without Henry Ford or Tesla without Elon Musk, Apple without Steve Jobs, a tribe without a chief. Humans like leadership. Even bitcoin had Satoshi’s and his white paper, Ethereum had Vitalik. Our leadership which got many of us into this has got silent. It is a shame and wrong. It is very hard to watch MAID drop against BTC.

I don’t know about Ford, but Musk has never marketed his products in the conventional sense and Jobs/Wozniak didn’t “market” the Apple computer until they had a working product out the door. Today there is “no management of image” because there is no image yet, only a rough design. It’s disingenuous of you to suggest David has not been working his tail off to get the project off the ground. Ungrateful also.

Patience. I know the product has been long in development but there was no roadmap to follow, and the journey has had the expected twists, turns, detours, regrouping and rethinking. Did you ever own one of those early standalone GPS’s that kept saying “Recalculating” every time you made an unexpected turn? That’s MaidSafe. Eventually the destination will be reached, but more patience is required.


I would think that if you have 99% of the features complete and now they just have to be put together and debugged, there is something to tell the world. How many projects have less than this done and are excited to talk about it every chance they get? Hundreds. They work just and hard as the Team. They don’t have anything finished and yet founders talk for the benefit of the project.

I’m not suggesting that they haven’t been working their tails off. I’m pointing out not talking about the project to the world using various methods has harmed the project and continues to do so. It harms the price of MAID. There are many projects that work their tails off and yet make part of it sharing progress with the world in anyway they can get air time.

Imagine a store front competing with many storefronts and they have their lights turned off and the sign unplugged. All of the stores have nothing complete. Why do this to the visibility of this project. When people walk by a dark store front the think it’s closed nothing is going on.

We are at #267 on coin gecko. We have an NFT using the same name as the maid token. It’s sad.

How can there be nothing to talk about when we have 99% of the features complete and we are at the debugging phase? People investing in this project want to see returns and not talking to the public on the regular is harming everything. People don’t want to hear from a Tesla fan about Tesla they listen to Elon. Consider how much Elon has going on yet he and his company are out there talking about current tech and tech that his not ready yet. They create a wave of excitement. In fact Elon keeping excitement about tech up keeps fans talking and brings in supporters. This is deliberately avoided in our case.

Ford regularly met with the Press and also advertised. The Press was often against Ford. He created the 5 day work week. He doubled pay. He created a car that an employee could buy with a years salary. He was a showmen and genius.

There used to be excitement in the forum. People used to talk to others outside this community. It has been dying off over the last year and half. It sucks. Look at what is happening with censorship on a worldwide scale and yet there is nothing to talk about? It’s weird.

Someone asked how close are we to finished and the answer was strange. People are looking for some idea of how long they should hang in there. Could it be we are a week away from the finished network.
How about 3 months away. How about telling them at least 3 months maybe more but could be less. How about give them something to tell others that is worth talking about. read this…

If we have a prospective investor or contributor read this what are they to think? Can you see how it looks from the outside? What does this mean to people who are looking to the future and have been invested or want to be? What does it mean to people that want to put their hard earned time into supporting the project?

I wish we could be given the strategy here. When I as we hear it, it is 100% launch. Yet when companies launch products they care about image. They have a spokesperson to talk to the media. The keep hope and excitement high to bring in more people. This is the strangest launch I’ve ever seen where we harm investors and ward off talking about the project. Limit exposure to those that could be helpful in completing it. The are others like Mav, DeusNexus that could be contributing but they don’t know it exists. They read a reply like the one above and what are they to think not knowing the project from the inside?

Does this mean we have 5 years left 10% is going to take 5 years? There has been no delivery for years there should be a better answer than this at this point in the game.


It would have been futile for Vint Cerf to try and market the Internet while he was developing it. Safe is unlike any other crypto project, it is a paradigm shift. You do not market that sort of thing while it is evolving.


I agree

I don’t agree

How many interviews? You are killing your own argument, but many do.

So here is the scoop

We don’t have a product, we have a dream, we will have a product, iff we focus on that! Then we will get it out there! It’s as simple as that. Every second from getting that product adds to the lead time for launch. So with all due respect, let us get that product first then let us tell the world.

Pumping the dream is not in our interest, it’s not in the long term interest of supporters and not in the interest of humanity. so I would stop flogging the dead horse here chap, it’s the wrong move. If you have a better move it’s all open-source, shout from the rooftops you are launching and see what happens.

tl;dr We are doing this our way, we have been clear, you either support that or jump off the bus. Either is fine with me :wink: Changing the world is not easy but it is what we choose to do.


It was a different time. Many many of us are longer term than most all crypto projects. If this project depends on MAID how can letting the price fall help in finishing Safe? I’m not asking for pumping but visibility inside or outside of crypto. If people knew what was happening here we’d not need worry about the price or reputation. We’d have more hands carrying the load.

Was it really? or was it a new unique mechanism that needed no marketing from the creator? Was it a value that was recognised and adopted?

It doesn’t but for supporters wanting to cash out pre launch it would be important, so there is a moral obligation that is clear to us, at least me.

How would the price rocketing help finish faster, more questions, more haters, more fud etc.

Throwing more bodies at this will not make it faster, quite the opposite. At least in my opinion. Right now we have cash, we could hire more folk, but don’t.

An area we are very weak is admin and accounts as we lost Sharon, but we have employed a head hunter to fix that, in the meantime I am doing that work, it’s hell and defo slowing me down.


I find this is often the case, when ppl are frustrated, not having a clear head, and lashing out with what should really be an internal debate.

Not saying that’s necessarily the case here, I didn’t read the big wall of text.

Not clear headed enough to do do.

@Knosis I like you, think your a good guy, but negativity helps no one, we are where we are.
Projecting your concerns ( completely allowable ) isn’t helping.
I’m sure we’ve all had times where frustration and doubts creep in, it’s only natural.
As the old saying goes, dont bite the hand that feeds you, negativity like positivity is contagious.
Don’t need to be a cheerleader, but actions have consequences.


Sorry, but I don’t agree. Sure there are a few who won’t touch it as they think it’s vaporware, but that’s only because they aren’t really paying attention and didn’t understand the broad aims of the project in the first place.

Most people though are completely in the dark about SN … so nothing damaged as they simply don’t know. And that will fix itself going forward.

So sorry @Knosis, but simply put, there is nothing here. No worries at all. I understand the frustrations, but the original dream was enormous and if you and others don’t grasp that, there is simply nothing for it. David is being honest, he’s not going to lead people on or make compromises like many other crypto projects have done – we should have awe and respect for that IMO.

There is simply no means to predict a time of arrival when you don’t know the rate or route of travel. The route only appears straightforward when you are in the backseat, but when you get in the drivers seat of any R&D project it’s obvious that there are craters in the road and it takes a lot of time to maneuver around them … sometimes the road appears a dead end and you have to backtrack and take another fork.

Life is hard enough. Stop with the negativity based on nothing but your bad feelings.


I don’t think it’s just “few”. I have several groups of 20-50 people, where before many were interested in Maid, and now if you mention Maid everyone laughs at you.


Ok, so this is your real problem. Let it go.
Price doesn’t matter with these low volumes. If Safe launches it can go from 10 cents to a few dollars in no time


I am afraid that this kinds of writing take time from Maidsafe team.

Hey, I said that I can buy all of your Maidsafe, and could you sell all of it to me please?

And buy what you want.

I dont understand why you hold Maidsafe based on you thinking and abuse time here ??


Because those people never fully understood what this project is doing. They catch few bits and get impatient.

Sefenetwork is computer science equivalent of building city on Mars, it sounds nice, people want it, but only few understand how hard problems need to be solved to make that happen.
Elon Musk was already big established and trusted figure and was laught at from general public because he missed release dates he announced and people felt his rockets blew up too much.


Out of interest, how much of our budget do you think we should spend on image management?


Most likely because all these people are measuring is number go up. They think that is the true meaning of success and strength. Truth is, most of what they have is likely the same recycled garbage that regurgitates the newest crypto slang and spends most of its money on pumping the coin. Once they make that money do people think they will actually make a product or cash out and never care what happens to the bag holders?

At least here we know the focus is the product first and then the marketing so we have a product to back it up. Not every company can pull the same stunts anyways. Maidsafe are authentic and put in the work day in and day out regardless what’s happening around them. If you’ve got a vision you believe in and a team you trust then all you need now is fortitude.


The last time the OP made a similar post, the price bounced back up the next day. Just saying.


Those who understand software development know the complexity of what is being created. Those close to the project know that it is being undertaken by a small, tight knit, team. Those that understand the ambitions, know why seeking money from the regular sources will dilute what can be achieved.

Bitcoin was laughed at for years before it breached even a few pennies. They still laughed and mocked when it hit hundreds. They belittled it when it hit thousands. Who is laughing now? Not many.


I noticed the same.

Buy the dip folks.


I don’t :wink:


No need to care about reputation until at least partially working network is released.
There will be lots of work since that time, so no hurry will be needed.