The quantity of Maidsafecoin that I have


No PS. Lol


anyone wants to show off can put here to beat my quantity to show our confidence of maidsafe lol

  1. you are going to be rich!!!:slight_smile: :slight_smile:
  2. might want to move coins off the exchange to paper wallet(s) - keep private keys in safe deposit box


As of August 1st, that would have put you at the 88th largest wallet of all maidsafe wallet holders.


Hey @jacob,
Im kind of curious about that info.
Could you post a link? :slight_smile:


It’s a little outdated after the master core team switched over to Omni. The addresses stopped syncing about a month ago.

(Bring into Excel and sort)


Wow! Thx. There are some pretty big players here


good advise thanks :slight_smile:


I hate you @hjyuan1986 LOL…

What if 1Safecoin became $1, you’ll be like buying a house,no mortgage… wow…

All the best… keep your precious coins safe…


@hiyuan1986, poor guy:


Let’s not show off our confidence in Maidsafe. The way that I see it is that we can make Maidsafe grow. If you give 10% of your coins to new people, I will do the same. For me that’s a better conversation


what is the differ between over and up to… I get confuse with this indication.


‘Over’ means that it’s more than X and when someone says ‘up to’ 100 they mean 0 - 100.


over 10 million maidsafe 77%?? I really suspect it


over 10 million maidsafe 77%?? I really suspect it。