The potential for Blockchains to be coordinated on the SAFE network?

Quick question:

Is it possible that we could have multiple blockchains running on the SAFE Network in parallel? I’m imagining nodes coordinating numerous “full nodes” via a handful of nodes that are simply piecing together a blockchain from seperate nodes…I understand the concept that a blockchain is inherently single threaded, but does that not mean that you could create that thread from multiple nodes just as multiple nodes affect a blockchain?

Just an interesting thought


Storing the blockchain on safe net would be easy first step. De-duplication would come for free and blockchain bloat would be a non-issue


Interesting. How do you think one would go about coordinating between exchange of SafeCoins and blockchain based cryptocurrencies (which IMO, act more like stocks in a decentralized company whereas SafeCoins are trying to be pure cash). In addition I think that there’s an argument to be made that in terms of operating a company, blockchains are inherently more secure than safecoins…transactions are easy to see and all knowledge is known from the outset.

I am not sure I agree with the statement that blockchains are more secure. Blockchains are more susceptible to brute force attacks, where the distributed nature of safecoins means that you need to totally dominate the network to gain control (not just have a majority).

How to trade between? Just find someone who wants to swap or use a website which helps to match people up.

Why not integrate the swapping via the SAFE network?

Granted, I’m still trying to understand the SAFE network…it’s a very complex concept…much more difficult to understand than a blockchain. It’s essentially a cryptographically secured DHT…with requirements for accessing of data…that’s as easy as I can sum it up. But there’s so many finer complexities to it that throw that basic understanding off. I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or not. Either way…ranking systems tend not to inspire a lot of confidence with me, but if it can be made to work, it will be made to work and we shall see. I just wish there was a simpler explanation of all the working parts.

@dallyshalla is currently working on an exchange for Safecoin to other cryptos… that would be the first stop with any technical questions on the status/features.

maidsafe network would be perfect for NXT app, I imagine if they do not make jump across to the safe network, we will see clones of the software migrate there anyway. as a crypto-currency dev it is going to be a big pull factor. Not many want to create a node and pay for on a central server and why would you. I think alot of crypto-currency will be made redundant.

Great question, I wrote some ideas about that as well.