The politics of food, plastic and BSE before and after Thatcher (with some leftwing vs. rightwing propaganda mixed in just for fun)

@Southside ,

Yep, that pretty much sums it up . .

I might only add: "It means I do what I can to stop the self-centred, greedy but incredibly rich, powerful, psychopathic and sociopathic bastards from ending human civilisation . . "


I agree with all of those things, but I’m not left wing.

I’m pretty sure there are awesome, caring, kind people who are left wing / right wing / centrist / a mix up / libertarian / anarchist / whatever etc, and selfish nasty people in all categories as well.

I’d think what’s needed for the world to be better is for people of all kinds of views to recognise nobody has all the answers, and to genuinely respect each other despite differences, humbly work together, listen, learn, build bridges, openly discuss ways of fixing things… not promoting hatred of those with differing views and try to alienate anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their political clan. Fat chance of that, I know, but it would be nice!

Off topic, apologies, but just wanted a rant against the divisive tone of this discussion!


Fair enough and I hope you found your rant cathartic.

Much of what you say may well be true however if divisive means presenting an opinion which differs from the faux-anarchist, neo-liberal tropes that are trotted out here with depressing regularity then I am VERY proud to be “divisive”

Sorry about that.


Thanks - I did a bit :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Presenting an opinion is not at all what I mean by divisive. I think it’s great to respectfully share views and discuss differences. With the right attitudes, we can all learn from that.

It’s the disrespectful, accusatory, condescending, judgemental stuff that I find divisive. It shuts down productive discussion & nobody is better off for it… though maybe people just enjoy some verbal sparring?


Being nice to Tories never got us anything but walked over some more and treated like shit. So I wont waste my time. To quote Aneurin Bevan “lower than vermin” - cos thats what they think of you and me.

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What did bickering with them on technical forums get you?


Oh sorry - I was going to try and be nice to them

Again, don’t be sorry. Just be nice.

can I nice 19 them ?

@Dimitar - The first vampire network fork we get attacked by should/shall be called “The Nice Network” with a “Nice Token”. 🧙‍♂️

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