The New Website Revealed!


There may be a few glitches with the automagic download links. We’re looking into it!


Just a ‘hunch’ (I only browsed it once on mobile, whereas I keep trying to nitpick things on the laptop), but I think it looks better on mobile. Still main issues for me are some of the bright colors, and the underlines that cut off kind of rub me the wrong way. I didn’t even notice there were different fonts lol.

Oh yeah I’m on Windows and I still get the Linux version for the browser.
(My brother commented how Peruse is actually a cool name for a browser. He’s more sophisticated than I, however. I think it’s too much effort to say, but everyone has different brains; it’s just a nitpick.)

Monday is here… is the site to be updated?


I like the disruptive arty touch. Won’t comment so much. New website suits my terrible underground taste if you ask me :wink: and is also much more informational.
So much more worried with updated roadmap that screams another year of parsec implementation before even alpha 3, and another year again to vaults from home.

This new clarity terrifies me to be honest.
Could we start discussing horrible safecoin logo now ?


Not sure how you read this. It’s certainly not our intention. PARSEC is 3 milestones, first is toughest. It took short num of weeks. Milestone 2 is in planning (we are planning much more there as M1 was not specced well enough). Sorry if you read that as something differnt.


Never pressured you on anything and won’t enter debate here about roadmap and delivery.
Parsec gave a lot of hope.
Reading progress on project since the beginning of times and seeing what’s left to be done is harsh to say the least. Haven’t commented so much lately but still avidly reading updates. If only I could help…


I fully agree. It’s disruptive and I like it.

It’s all too easy to fall prey to “rules” and previous design precedent. I recall how websites looked in 1998 - now that was terrible. Design ideas change.

I also recall when the Guardian first changed its look a year or two ago, I didn’t like it at first. Now I do.

I note many folk here hark back longingly to the “blue” theme on previous websites. Now, for me all previous iterations look sterile and boring to be honest. No pizzaz. No jazz.

What I particularly like about the new website is the simple and effective communication it uses, as to what the SAFE Network is all about. And this is what really counts in the end - the message. If you can shock, surprise or disrupt people on first glance, perhaps that message will get more noticed.

Count me as a fan :sunglasses:


No I think it’s working correctly :+1: :joy:


I agree to some extent.

Not sure what you mean with this.

Mm, except that they stated that journalists are among the targets, and I don’t think they as a group are aware.

This is a quite interesting subject actually, even though it is IMO more for fun that we discuss this, than because it would be very important :slight_smile: Anyway, here goes:

Those designs you link to, they are very plain and absolutely no innovation in the design.
When the first new video came, I was one of those that thought (and said) “nooo, not something like any other web commercial out there… This project is better than that!”.

With this new site, MaidSafe has definitely distanced themselves from the mainstream. It is bold which matches the boldness of the actual project. That’s the gap I wanted to see coming together. While I was personally more leaning to another flavor - tech, space, math vs art - (not that they couldn’t be combined), the very idea and principle is exactly what I wanted.
This is not just another site.


Just edited the OP to include a link to the GitHub project - we’re logging and addressing issues there.

(edit: I forgot to add in the link here… duh!)


I agree with this. It looks like I’m looking at a set of back end log analysis software. Boring.

The current new website, in addition to my previous comments, also beams a lovely university prospectus like feeling.

It’s attention grabbing. It isn’t messy at all, and well thought out. If you click on each item in the menu you are presented with a well displayed independent “page”. We also have the option of scrolling down to access each page.

I’m surprised at some of the design outrage above.

Edit: of the people I have asked , comments included - nice work, is sexy.


Also would be nice to see,


On the test nets.


Getting forgetful in your old age hey :slight_smile:


Those links are examples of material design. It is about color consistency. I thought the goal of new web is to attract broader audience, make them interested in the project and make it easier to serve important information. So all the talk about creativity and how people like it after n-th look is irrelevant. What is important is, the first look, how many people will leave the page immediatelly, how many will stay there, how long will they interact with page. How often they will return, etc. Those are the important metrics. I don’t know what is the main source of users coming to old web, but I expect that the most important source is and the link from there to the web. This is such a valuable source of very targeted people interested in decentralized technology that it is huge mistake not to focus on it. Try to click on web links of top 100 coins. Many of them are very pro designs. You have to compete with them, our first impression should be WOW, or at least cool. My first feeling is OMG, and I am not alone. I tried to show that web to at least 10 people and none of them said WOW, COOL or even NICE. Everyone should focus on what he can do the best. Safe devs are the best at creating SafeNetwork. They are the best at understanding it and right now they are probably the best to explain it how it works. But web design is a huge industry with winner takes it all pattern. You can’t be much worse than others even if you are a king of universe in something very important. And web design is not the domain of this company. The minimum I would suggest is, to buy some very nice template for few bucks and use those CSS templates and color schemes in current web. Than run alpha beta test with current design and new CSS redesign and I am sure pure stats will show how important is the first look.

Or at least try to learn from others mistakes and not from your own. Internet is full of stories how bad idea is to create own design.


Just looked at the new site on a computer instead of mobile. The content is great. As for aesthetics, I like the idea of making things more vibrant. I also think there needs to be more of the “MaidSafe Blue”, such as the blue light and dark blue used on this forum to maintain a consistent color theme across the different sites. The water backgrounds do a good job of this, but it might be nice to have a bit more. I like the use of yellow more than orange for highlighted areas. Orange text here and there looks good, but the orange background graphics seem too harsh. A more “vibrant” blue that might look good is the same blue used for the notification circles next to one’s user icon at the top right of this forum website. Just my 0.02S. I know what a pain web development can be, keep up the good work!


My feedback as someone looking from the outside is that there is a very confusing plethora of websites relating to Maidsafe. Please, for content from the core team, can we stick to ONE DOMAIN and put EVERYTHING there? Sure if you need to, use a few sub-domains.

Having multiple domains dilutes the brand and confuses people, also it’s a security risk as it makes phishing and other forms of misdirection easier, as users are unsure if the content is ‘official’ or not.

Perhaps someone in the community could do a mind-map of all the web resources relating to the project?


From Pied Piper site:

The old Pied Piper “flute player” logo was referencing the fairy-tale character and in no way was meant to suggest a sexual act involving either the mouth or ear of the figure depicted. Apologies to any who were offended, and the logo has been changed to our current hat design by Mary Shibley that’s clean, elegant and not without some danger.

too funny. I like the use of humor on that site, of course it is a comedy show so …

I have worked as a professional web developer myself - not always a designer though and I confess to not being a great designer because I don’t notice it so much - I mostly notice technical /dev problems - so, when I do design, I tend to stick to mainstream design ‘formula’ which can be too conservative at times I reckon.

However, after hearing a lot of feedback here I ‘feel’ that I do agree that the new site is a ‘bit’ too radical - in the sense that there seems to be little to no color or design conserved from the previous sites. And I think, personally, that there is a certain social wisdom to the adage “something old, something new” as apply to building/creating new things …

Completely agree with that! I love the soundbites and the clarity of the messages they contain.

I do agree with that point. I think it would be better to use just one domain for everything. It’s getting quite confusing with all the domains used now. I appreciate that the content of each has a different target audience, but there are still many who are interested in all of it and keeping track of all of it is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Summing up, the new site design doesn’t bother me, however I can see how it would distract for some, so having a few hints of the old site weaved through wouldn’t be a bad idea. I also concur that this thread is becoming an echo chamber and becoming less useful as it goes on. So just ignore my post. :wink:


It’s a good point Andrew, and something we are aware of. But as this is an open source, community-driven project we (MaidSafe) don’t have control over many of these sites: they are built and owned by the community, enthusiasts and other developers. It’s the way it should be really, especially for a decentralising project!

We have it mapped out though, and will improve and clearly signpost where we are able.



Hi David,
I’m just going through the feedback again and I’ve logged the branding comment.


@nevel - I got the PARSEC entry in but I missed the review deadline for the soft launch. It made the next submission.

other points logged.



I’m thinking in terms of ambient video content for the site, something like Starling Murmation would hit the right tones: