The New Website Revealed!


Nope, it is still bad. There is no point in rationalizing it.
It breaks several capital sins of design


See, that’s funny because I originally wrote something to the effect your line of thinking basically leads to rehashing something that’s been done and seen enough to not rock anyone’s world.

I deleted it, as I thought it was too harsh. But I was right. It is not a sensory adaptation per se. The site offended you aesthetically.

You probably mean it breaks several rules / commits several sins. I’m done judging / preaching. To me, web design owes nothing to a religion or a law. I consider it an art. Have fun though. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I disagree :sunglasses:


Not an easy thing to do - represent a world-changing, revolutionary platform to an intended audience that spans the socio-economic spectrum. The last thing you want is for that instrument to be conventional and comfortable. If the reverse was what the web design team was aiming for, I think they hit the mark.


Welcome to my echo chamber :+1:


The new site is a good start I think.

I kinda like the Pied Piper website though. It’s the SAFE network’s fictional competitor and has a quite nice to the point website.


I’d really recommend that you do some proper UX testing with people who aren’t familiar with the ideas.

You can’t afford not to IMHO


This is much more what I had anticipated as a front for SAFENetwork.

Current site is more arty then techy.

I mentioned in a previous post that I thought MaidSafe visual (and other) communication (at the time of my writing) was too low key and humble, as if not properly recognising how truly unique and awesome the technology is.
(There are of course many reasons for that, but that’s a longer discussion.)
And with this new site it feels like there is a little more of this element (the visual boldness does IMO communicate an awareness that they are working in something no one else does, something awesome.).

I said then that I saw something like SpaceX when thinking about SAFENetwork.
The technology is groundbreaking in many similar ways. The people behind though it are maybe very very different. I wonder what should be most reflective in the communication (of which the site design is part of), the product or the producers? Can it be separated? Shall it? (Maybe it already is… But in what way then?)

It seems to me like there is a strong “art-oriented” presence in company and community, and I think the latest few developer updates as well as this new site is also hinting at that.

I personally think the tech approach is more appealing, and I see it as much more relevant. The arty stuff/approach is app layer relevant IMO.
But then again, maybe someone wanted to redefine “techy”, and thinks the site is.

Now, all of these are choices, and the decision makers here are very free to make whatever choice they want with these things. They must not include community in such things as branding and design - even though it surely can be done, and if all preconditions are right probably can turn out very well.
But I must say that in going with their own ideas and processes only, in closed workshop, I would have liked to hear from MaidSafe their motivation, rationale and idea behind the site at least, just as a way to involve us in what the company is thinking and where they are heading.

I think it would be appreciated by many.


I second this idea :+1:


I’m not even sure if I think it is very important here (although in a larger scheme, it’s nurturing something positive I think, to do so).
But there are surely others who think.

I mean, it’s not like the design decisions need defending. Anything they choose to say about it is good and alright (like “oh, we just wanted to try something different, no real direction intended with it” - if that’s the case then alrighty :)), it’s just that it would be nice to hear I guess, what they are talking about.

And it’s maybe not entirely correct to say as I did that it was internal process only, they are requesting input now actually. (But perhaps at this stage the changes can not be very large of course).

And then another thing, the community is maybe not the best source for input in all cases. It could be here, but it’s maybe not always the case.

Ah well :slight_smile:


The timing part is the interesting bit. Realistically a beta network is off in the distance a-way so who specifically between now and then is the new hip/cool image supposed to be targeting?

The tech is what will initially sell the network (its damn well incredible) and likely this sell will be in a very slow methodical order across multiple waves before it even remotely reaches the audience it appears the website was designed for.

Your comment about SpaceX was appropriate and befitting tbh. That same thought process is what will initially attract the bright minds and in turn spur serious development.

The seeming mish mash of brand and identity I find confusing solely for the above reasons.

Fully happy to support the direction those at the heart of the project want to take, Maidsafe are very much family to the community so the support is there however they want to run with things.

Its just a touch hard/difficult for many of us to offer a measured opinion or advice when we aren’t fully in tune with the thought process involved as you indicated.


Me too! I never saw it before, but I actually like that site a lot.


We realised you guys would want a bit of a peek behind the curtain of our design motivation and rational, but I thought we should hold back for a beat, so as to not colour anyone’s judgment.

In a way, it’s quite nice to get the visceral, immediate response, without sway. People feel what they feel, from a multitude of perspectives. It’s cool to let them do that.

It’s also right for us to remember that the community you will have built up a visual picture of the project over many years, so abrupt change can be abrasive, and take time to shake out. Jumping in and handling objections, or justifying decisions too soon allows less space for that.

We’ll be following up with more detail on the design and where this is all heading, probably in the dev update. If that suits everyone?



Note from the OP: “Much of the work has been focused on addressing three specific personas, user types that we believe will access the site; - tech/privacy aware individuals, crypto enthusiasts and journalists (newcomers that are hungry for easily-digestible information”


Thanks Nick, I did oversight that. I still would politely offer that journalists and techies aren’t being given an easier introduction to the Network with the visual changes (the more detailed information provided throughout is much improved and welcomed though).

The crypto crowd however will salivate over the pretty and bright lights so big tick in that respect (genuine apologies that’s not meant to sound sarcastic just honest :slight_smile: )

I guess the timing of the overhaul is the real question I was throwing out there but I’d anticipate that’s a to be revealed as we progress down the road type of thing. More than happy to not push too hard on that and let the guys ‘pull the curtain back a little’ when/if they feel they can :+1:


Yes, this. This i what I wanted to let shine through (both sections), but you did a better job at that :slight_smile:

Yep, all good. Seems very reasonable.

I’m not so sure that it would be more abrasive on people to accompany the presentation with a little background on the design thinking and how it plays with previous designs and what the vision is, and I’m not sure how it would be hindering shaking out abrasiveness. It just seems it was omitted, no biggie, but it will be interesting to hear about it anyway if it’s something the company wants to share.


Np. Re the timing, we needed to change the site from what we had as that site was intended to be very short term and specific to the Alpha 2 release. It also led to a digital footprint that was very disjointed, with remnants of the previous site still available, so a change was long overdue. We had hoped to release the site earlier, but as we have previously mentioned, our experience with a web design agency was not all we hoped it would be and we started work on this ourselves. So we now have the new site in place for the Decentralised Web Summit, which latterly became our focus, and as @JimCollinson mentioned above we’ll be happy to provide more detail on design and future direction later this week.


Under the section titled “Where can I store MaidSafeCoin?” The answer is shown twice on my android phone.


yup - caught and fixed with the other reported FAQ stuff above… just waiting to publish.


This new website -which some want to conform to the very principles it proposes to dismantle- is simply the delivery mechanism for information relating to a revolution in technology and its handlers.

Making certain the information is complete and flows properly is JOB ONE. #job1

At this stage, not everyone is on the target list so focus on the target.

IMO the target is already aware of this project, cares only about its substance and has previously dismissed it. Overwhelm them with information.


I think the new website is great. I think it takes a few viewings to really appreciate it. Just like when a site you use regularly changes there format. Its a big change at first but then you get used to it and its better than ever.

Did notice that the browser download automatically downloadss linux version. What about windows users?