The New Website Revealed!


Just a big “plus one” on what @dirvine has said there.

We’ve taken the whole tracking thing very seriously here. It would have been a lot, lot easier to carry on in the “normal” manner of things but that isn’t what we are all about. The extra hours and effort my colleagues have put in to this project have been inspiring (@Shankar in particular has been a complete superstar).

In my short time with MaidSafe and being part of the SAFE Community my eyes have been opened to the amount of personal information of ours that is being harvested on a massive scale, however seemingly (and potentially actually) innocently at times, and I’m glad of it.

Formatting and style can be discussed/debated; typos can and will get fixed… and through the SAFE Network so will the internet.



How many Davids does it take to decentralise the internet? :joy: :heart: jk great work guys. Wasn’t aware of the extra work in that regard.


Not surprised that removing all the trackers is a massive job - tracking is woven into the fabric of the Web these days. Once it’s done (is it finished now? NoScript isn’t finding anything) you should definitely make a thing of it. A simple “We don’t track you” somewhere visible with a link to more info should do it. Nice quick PR win. :+1:


Okay, I see that the overall shift is to move from the blue logo to a more sober black and white.

As @antifragile said, look at here and the devhub like this were sober designs that breaks from the “blue” and yet it is coherent with the same style, with the subtle hues to the original blue when buttons are selected.

And suddenly this happens, with the overpowering yellow that came out of nowhere, inconsistent color palettes and multiple fonts.
It is not just a matter of taste, it is breaking design principles and it just doesn’t scream professional.

A brand style guide sets the personality of a brand through its consistency and coherence.

The first impression I got when I went to was that I was being phished.

And considering that there are already domain squatters preying on people interested Safecoins, it really doesn’t help to have inconsistent designs, and the lack of a style guide it just adds more to the confusion.


Following the reactions to format and color changes. IMO this is necessary to break from that history of being an “incomplete” project.

A revitaliised Safenet/maidsafe. The old maid is now the new maid. The Safenet is here in her shiny new outfit.

Bye bye people hanging off weekly updates awaiting news of its launch, it’s progress, hello Safenet 1.0 ready to take all for a ride.


i tend to agree. it is something new.


Yes, this is important. Design is not question if someone likes it or not. Design has rules, web design has very strict rules. You can’t combine any colors with each other. You can’t use so many fonts so chaotically. This design is breaking design rules. I think this forum users are biased and are not able of objective web design evaluation. I suggest to ask outside of this forum for design feedback. Or even better create another color scheme and do alpha/beta test on real users. Alpha/Beta test on real users is the only true evaluation of quality you can get.


I agree the website does not follow good design principles. On non-mobile it is certainly a cluttered mishmash of eye candy. It’s like a website that a madman would make, which I find amusing.

The off kilter design fits the project in a way, and brings attention to the ideas by engrossing the user in a trainwreck you just can’t look away from. That may sound negative, but I actually really do like it.

That being said, I can see why it isn’t for everyone, and it’s probably not the best choice if you are looking for a more professional look. If it was the site for a community art center or a children’s play place, it would be a good choice. Being the front end to a world altering project seems like an odd choice at first glance. Once someone understands the project and the goals, I think it begins to make sense. However, getting everyone to take you seriously with this site upon immediate first impression is not going to happen. Some people will absolutely discount the project based solely on the design choices here, and maybe you are trying to avoid the overt over commercialization, purposefully. I assume you guys know what you are doing and the decisions behind things like this. However, if you were trying to get a ultra professional looking website, you missed the mark and need to hire a few pure graphic designers to help you out.


I had only viewed the mobile version and loved it off the bat, with all the fuss I finally took a look on PC and I still think its great.
If they had gone with the dull corporate hues of blue and run of the mill design some would have liked that but many like this.
It is impossible to please all in this world, everybody has different opinions but some of the feedback is simply impolite to people who worked hard at doing what they feel is right, fortunately many of us agree with them.
Respect that some people don’t conform to the rules that others believe are immutable.


This forum is an echo chamber, we (myself included) must consciously fight against it to provide useful feedback. In scientific terms, if we are only based on the opinion of the forum members we are a biased sampling and it is easy to fall into confirmation biases as well.
If we lose objectivity and can’t make honest criticisms, we are not helping the project but hurting it.

I am all about refreshing and hip designs, but this website is genuinely bad. I really can’t seriously show this to my contacts, the project has enough on it’s plate with an image problem and it will take lots of time to fix it (considering it’s complicated IPO, etc…) and it’s been steadily improving step by step.

To use this new website as the new platform on which to launch a new marketing campaign will be a big mistake, will undo all the great promotional work done so far.

Also I am terribly worried about the team who designed this website to be in charge of the UX of the apps on the Safenetwork.

The team really needs to realize who their audience is and do focus groups OUTSIDE the forum.
My understanding was that the audience was everyone on the planet from grandmas to corporate suits, so an eclectic group to showcase the website before spending resources to launch a campaign based on this.

If the app designs follow the same route, I will be truly worried. At this stage, we can’t make a mistake of this caliber anymore.


Yes exactly this is the bias I am talking about. Do you know how hard is it to tell people you like they did something wrong? I love this project, I love the people behind it. But if they ask for feedback I am not gonna lie just to make them feel better or to avoid discomfort of community personal attacks.


Having looked at the new website a few times I can see why there is mixed opinions. Asking a forum with so many members from so many different backgrounds this will always be the case. In my opinion (for what it’s worth) the website is okay just needs a few tweaks here and there.

I would definitely make the logo and Safe Network heading larger and change the logo to the blue colour for continuity. (Exactly like this forum)

Maybe bullet point the first paragraph instead of the underlined words.

I would say the timeline, FAQ and press kit pages are okay.

I would maybe change the other pages by removing some of the images and overlapping images as they don’t seem to work to well.

I wouldn’t worry about using the different fonts I don’t think anyone but developers or designers would notice and definitely not enough people for it to be a problem. (Just shown my girlfriend and first thing she said was the fonts are annoying being different. Maybe people who work on computers all day will notice this more than I thought)

The colours are bright and I think they work well but again I don’t think they matter to much as long as the content is easily readable and simple to follow. I would say most people don’t care what colour the background is in general.

I’m viewing on an iPhone 7 and I pad but haven’t viewed the site on a laptop. I think most views will be on mobile devices so would target that screen size. Hope this helps and like I say it’s just another opinion from a welder with absolutely no history in design or developing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I totally agree with the staying objective and that this forum can be an echo chamber, at times. A solution might be direct them to or the devhub? Since those are more inline with others seem to like? I just don’t see the site going through another rehaul with the resources they’ve put into it and the fact that many do actually like it.


The old colours were boring. I really like the vitality of the new :sunglasses:


As I was saying it, there is nothing wrong to make it more vibrant and cool, as I think it was the objective.
What I am criticising is the final execution.

Also, the more I go to the site the more I get used to it, that is why we need external people to watch it to give us their first impression.


Haha, it’s growing on you :yum:

I really do appreciate this, no kidding. It got out of hand. Watching what some of sites load / track these days to merely display is almost mesmerizing. I’ve never been leaving on so many pages as these days. And it’s all because of commerce.

If the Safe Network really does turn out the way it’s been planned, it will not only completely reinvent the web content monetization. From the UX aspect, it will be such a breeze. At least for a while. I don’t even care whether it’s becoming huge or not in ten or twenty years. All I want it to be is to be.


It is great to see a new website, but I tend to agree with Piluso that the safedev website seems better. It just feels cleaner and easier to follow what is going on. The new safenetwork website has a lot of info, but feels the page is doing too much, with the moving navigation bar down one side and so much text, colour and graphics.

I also feel like you don’t need ‘how it works’ on the main page, just more of an overview of the system / project with a clear roadmap, and then a button for a how it works to another page.


Actually it is the consequence of sensory adaptation, for example if you fart, you will instantly feel that it smells horrible but if you stay in the environment it for a few minutes you will stop smelling it even though it objectively keeps stinking the room. You will swear that the smell is gone, until a new person enters the room and tells you it stinks.

This gross example is also a cautionary tale: if there is a natural gas leak, and you smell mercaptan you should act swiftly to find the leak before your senses get used to it and stop smelling it, and by the time that happens you won’t be able to detect that there is a leak anymore.

The same happens with the rest of our senses: vision, hearing, taste, touch (except pain).
For example, when people from the countryside come to big cities, they are unable to sleep because it is too noisy, something that we urbanites can’t even feel because we adapted to block the noise pollution from the streets. The opposite happens when urbanites go to the countryside and feel that absolute silence eery (or can’t sleep because of the crickets, something that the locals tuned out)

It is important to know this to be aware of how unreliable are our perceptions, know it’s limitations to know how to counter it.

The best way to objectively check if we have became perceptually blind is to bring new people to the room to give us their opinion, another way is to leave the environment and come back to reset our senses.


I tend to agree with those saying branding should be consistent. It is great to have updated content, but creating a consistent user experience between company assets is important and defines identity.


I see, but I don’t believe this is strictly a sensory adaptation. What you’re experiencing is an aesthetic adaptation.

It was not the sensory neurons that forced you to decide the site was bad. It did not make you stumble back in a blind stupor and it did not smell so bad it induced a puke.

In my opinion, it was your mindset (experiences, expectations, hopes, tastes, your own ambitions and plenty of other aspects) confronting and assessing what your sensory neurons perceived.

You don’t see it’s bad.

You think it is bad.

If a music sounds terrible the first time you hear it but ends up sounding awesome the twentieth time you listen to it, do you really think you’ve just become deaf to its shoddiness?

No. You have most likely grown to appreciate and even enjoy what you initially thought was shoddiness because your mind was too narrow and unprepared.

In aesthetics, the things that force us to adapt end up enriching us. They won’t kill us you know? It’s not something to beware of. There is no need for a gas panic because you most likely don’t just become oblivious or numb to something that bothered you once. You’re more probably growing to like it. So it’s something positive and something to fancy.

Because even if you invite twenty new people to sit and listen to this fabulous music you’ve just discovered and each of them tells you the music sucks, will you just forget how awesome it sounds now and regress to their state of mind you’ve already left? No. It will keep sounding awesome until you wring it out and it gets boring. But you will never ever go back to being shocked.

So while your green friends think you’re deaf, you know they’re just being daft. And one by one, they’ll join you in liking it, sooner or later.

So while your line of thinking leads me to believe you think the site is just a random ugly sound you may become numb towards, which is something to beware, as it may hurt you, I say the site is music you wre not prepared for and you’re slowly growing to like.

I respect your approach as a means of not getting blown up. Aesthetically, you play it too SAFE.