The New Website Revealed!


10. Should “internet” be replaced with “World Wide Web” it’s the world wide web model that is supported by ad revenue. I pay a service provider for “internet” access, I don’t pay anyone for WWW access.


I like the new layout. I would prefer a dark colour scheme, but I like the layout.

The Get Involved page ( doesn’t pick up my OS version (W10 x64) correctly though. I am using Firefox with quite a few addons which block and/or limit various things, so I’m used to some stuff not picking me up correctly, but regardless it would be nice for that download link to feature a drop-down to pick an alternative version or an alternative button that takes me to the GitHub releases page instead of just giving me the one download option. It’s not a guarantee that the user will be using the downloaded browser on the same system they’re viewing the page on.


Having reviewed this thread and re-explored the site, here are some thoughts:

Most of the objections seem to center around how the site is not laid out in a more orderly form. I’m including in this various opinions about the patchwork motif, choice of colors, choice of different fonts, etc. The common desire in all these is to have the site represent some expected or familiar order or pattern, in some respect or another. (I’m generalizing here on purpose, so this net doesn’t catch everything, by any means.)

My first and recurring experience when looking at the site is a sense of excitement because it so well fits the project I’ve been following and working with for several years and have been struggling to communicate about.

It finally hit me why my emotional reaction is “Perfect!” I’ll try to explain.

The technical scope of the network, in its many interrelated pieces is important, but one first has to get at least a hint of the vision of the end product before one can even start to peel it apart. This is why it can be difficult for geeks with other project visions can have a hard time “getting it”–because they already have their version of what they think the vision is, or should be, or means.

On the other hand, non-technical people have little way to wade into the picture on a functional level without getting swamped.

I think the website is great because it starts by stating each aspect from a vision perspective, with hooks into everyone’s experience, then exposes paths for people to explore for more substance at their choosing. It’s enough to provide different avenues to deeper understanding at each point. It implies that there are many branching paths. Choosing how much to say or not is the hard part that they seem to get pretty right.


I think the site does a masterful job of engaging on a conceptual and emotional level, then backing it up with a bit more meat, or signpost to more meat, down multiple paths. The different colors and fonts, graphics, etc., may seem chaotic at first, but they actually are not. There is a deeper order as to how the site is organized that is interestingly parallel to the fractal nature of how the network comes together conceptually.

Not everyone will be served by the site. It could not be designed so that everyone would be. But the site does a great job of making a fairly deep conceptual grasp of what it’s all about available to a lot of different people. First they have to be enticed, to get the urge to explore. After that it’s a process that most everyone who has grokked the SAFE Network over time has followed. I think the site just broadens the entry gates.

Of course, it can be improved, but not much.

How the site displays on different devices is, of course, a separate matter.

Well, that’s my two bits (or bytes? kb?). :grinning:


2.9 kb saved as a text file :grinning:

I agree with you actually, and share your views about the conceptual representation. I like it and I think it’s very effective overall. There are a few things that seem, to my eyes, complex for complexity’s sake - such as the use of multiple fonts and styles, and some of the graphics are distracting rather than illuminating. Just needs a bit of tidying up and something to unify the various elements more effectively and make the underlying order more apparent.


These things are a matter of testing, I think.

I’ve been a professional editor and am very aware of different fonts but also realize that they are different for a reason. I’ve gone through the phase of noticing them for their own sake to not noticing unless they really distract. Most people aren’t aware of them at all directly, just viscerally.

My opinion is that the different fonts are great, but that’s just me.

(Thanks for the kb metric!!)


I know that everyone’s opinion is subjective but I think the sites design perfectly matches its message. The main message being Freedom of Expression, as well as open, collaborative, and creative. This site is creative and expressive and personally it speaks to me. I like minimalist a lot too and I think that’s where the material design ‘flavor’ comes in. Maybe others aren’t seeing the forest for the trees when they get overly analytical about it?


A couple of cents from me:
I reckon those who have read some of my posts have gathered that I’m not really young and hip anymore. (Not that I ever really was that “hip”.) The point is I may be a bit conservative when it comes to aesthetics. I also still have a problem with web pages having more than one column. That may make sense in a printed newspaper in order to make the lines shorter and thus easier to read. But on a computer screen the only way for me to read is by scrolling from top to bottom. I personally like the design of e.g.

where adverts and the like go on the sides and don’t interfere with my scrolling down through the news.
And I personally dislike the design of e.g.

where everything seems to be all over the place.
Of course the Safe network site is not a news site, but maybe you understand what I mean in general. I also use an ad blocker, so I may not see everything somebody else does. I mainly use the Linux version of Chromium as my browser on a 24" screen.


Just a thought. An example. Look at the first screen of the homepage (the first that appears, before scrolling) of the Hub Safedev site and then the New Safenetwork website.
Which one is better? Imho the Hub Safedev’s screen is more attractive to an external user thanks to the background image. Doesn’t it look cleaner to you?
So my question is, what about adding a background image to the first screen (the section of the page that appears first)?


DevHub web is cool. Copy&paste that design and problem is solved:)


Not gonna flood it with feedback, but I don’t like the zany colors like the yellows or orange. Perhaps the fastest aesthetic quick-fix is to maintain the blue, gray and white colors overall, on

But I wouldn’t bother spending time changing anything besides the colors, at this point. Always good to have another website that explains things, so good move team :+1:

Viewed on desktop and mobile and things look fine, besides colors.


Have to disagree on that. I am so saturated by blue, white and grey websites that I get kind of nauseated at the thought of them



I’m sorry. But I don’t understand why some people are complaining at all. The site is different, isn’t that what the whole purpose is? Safenet dares to challenge all crypto blockchain projects, and is the only one that will turn them on there heads. That’s why I like the site, it’s outside the box. I think people are just set in there ways - nothing wrong with that. Eventually you will see other similar sites just copying it. It’s ultra modern and ultra slick. Devs you did an outstanding job.


It is a great first step. congratulations. this is a long time in development and clearly worth it.


If nothing else, the site does not ask you to turn off your adblocker, does not offer to spam you with an annoying newsletter in exchange for your precious email, it does not make you hate it with a spastic popover of any sort and it does not make you hate it even more by begging you to like anyone or anything on FB or anywhere else.

It doesn’t make you scream and pull your hair by a terribly annoying autoplay video which is just an excuse for annoying ads.

I know this won’t change the minds of people who need some time to accept it like you do when hearing Group Sex by Circle Jerks for the first time, but the site is the perfect opposite of everything that makes the current internet basically unbearable.


Very slick site and lots of great info on there. I just got all exited again :slight_smile: When this thing launches it’s gonna change the world in so many ways! Free, open and frictionless commerce. No firewalls. No censorship. No take downs of data. Permanent guaranteed data storage. Complete autonomy of your data. No fee and instant transfer of value. The list goes on and on. All the hard work will be worth it. Hoping I can chip in and do something for the cause soon too (many ideas brewing:) Keep it up and good luck :smile:


Of course devs did an amazing job. We’re all saying that the new website is both a wonderful update and news. I think people are not complaining, just giving personal opinions based on subjective tastes😉 Having different thoughts is imo interesting and curious cause it marks our different prospectives.

Its unique style maybe raised initially some questions and doubts but I think that with time it will grow in most of us, thanks also the the future updates and changes. Again congrats to the devs!


In the FAQ section, how is safecoin valued is repeated.


Yip - sorted this morning. It’ll be published on Monday.


That’s for those that forgot to buy. Kinda obvious/subliminal.


Nicely spotted, we have a lot of work (it should not be but it is a big job) to remove trackers, cookies and the likes from all of our sites. It is hard as embedded videos etc. all make it hard. The amount of tracking these days is unbelievable. I wish all companies in this space would do the same. It’s a lot of effort but makes everyone’s life just that bit easier.