The New Website Revealed!

Thanks for your suggestion - I’ve captured it and will pass to the teams for review. thanks


Thanks @zoki I’ve captured your suggestion and will pass to the team for review.


Initial impression: I like it but … it needs a graphical masthead, the blue has gone :cry: (I liked the blue), needs some mention of Maidsafe at the top, weird mix of capitalised and lower case in titles and sub titles.


Time person of the year material right here… just give off that feeling, eh?



Again, the website is amazing. That front page, great format to printout on a large A2 bus or tube billboard eh?

Edit: A poster version with this style, sold online - I think a few of us would buy it and put it up at work.


I agree with @BambooGarden on the safecoin page. Viewing on my iPhone the little “bugs” are all over the place and cover the title and some of the text.

Hope this helps.

Excellent job, it’s very easy to read and has all the information needed for a non tech savvy person like myself :+1:t2:


Press page is awsome, links to existing news stories about the SAFENetwork, organised in one place.

Download graphics and photos, also a great idea.

Look at these models. :wink:


I had exactly the same thoughts about the press page it’s brilliant. Not to sure on the models though :joy:


Good stuff here. We’ll done @dugcampbell and team.

First observations and my opinions

  1. Nice and clean.
  2. Who is David Irvine??? Put “Founder” after his name on the quote.
  3. I would like to see the SAFE acronym introduced on the landing page … Its means nothing to anyone when you first see it… it’s way too deep in the site and by the time you find out SAFE is the acronym for something, you don’t care.
  4. Remove the heading “Answer” out of the FAQ. We know it’s the answer.
  5. What about the “Team” bios and photos??. This is very important and its absence is very conspicuous… “street cred”
  6. Direct the help to the forum intro page
  7. Share resource, get paid… s/b “resources”

Ohhhhh. Like it. A lot of projects have photos and bios up.
Why not celebrate the awesome team with photos and bios?


I find it very busy and confusing. My first thought was the fonts aren’t loading - mixing serif and non-serif fonts looks odd to me. Odd is distracting. Quite a lot of it grates and so distracts.

I’m viewing in desktop mode, so get two columns. The distraction is less severe if I narrow the window to get one column. With two columns it is hard to scroll and take information in, and the erratic layout adds to the busyness and confusion.

There are things I like, the colours are bright and there is a good use of space around elements, the menus look clean and easy to locate and use.

The SAFE NETWORK branding and logo seem underplayed. Small, black, only appears on the banner I think.

The strapline “We’re Building the New Internet” isn’t connected with the branding (different fonts and case for SAFE NETWORK), so those words stand out without introducing the network or who “we” refers to. It confuses me. You have to read all the text in the paragraph below to see Welcome to the SAFE Network, but are still wondering who “we” might be.

I don’t normally go for floating furniture, but I do like the way as the heading banner scrolls out of view the yellow “Freedom Security Control New Economy” scrolls with the page and then becomes a new banner menu.

The images for backgrounds are high contrast so also add to the busy confusion I experience, and I particularly dislike the one on the Safecoin page. The images don’t really connect with the text in ways I can see, so I guess they are just backgrounds loosely following the metaphors and natural systems, but I’m only just realising that and so they seemed random and incoherent. Even knowing there is a loose correspondence doesn’t change that experience for me.

There are also glitches with the layout and those images. Scrolling the home page I have the flock of birds both behind the right hand column, with the “Browse and access content” and “When we’re given the tools” boxes sitting above them, but some of the birds then appear above the background on the left column, yet clipped by the “Browse and access content” box, which looks very odd. Even without the glitch I think that image doesn’t sit well as a background (same for the Safecoin). Screen capture of this at the bottom.

I like the colour combinations, clean lines and the box layout except where the boxes are placed erratically on the right. As mentioned the two columns don’t work for me the way they are laid out, and I think in general two columns is not a good approach unless it is very regular and boring.

I haven’t read much of the content yet, or explored the structure, but it does feel good and well organised down the page, in the menus and the footer.

Screen capture showing the birds ‘glitch’ to the right of “No more hacked data, no more stolen passwords,”:

Sorry to be so negative! Maybe I’ll get to like it more in time :slight_smile:


Hey :slight_smile: I’ve captured your feedback and will pass on to the teams for review


Hey @JPL

weird mix of capitalised and lower case in titles and sub titles

Is there a particular page this is happening on, and are you on desktop or mobile?


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I hear ya. I’m 90% android (Note8) for everything and this site does render nice on mobile. I agree, what you see is not as pretty


Omitted word:

FAQ section, What is a Vault?

" Collectively, Vaults manage the storage of all data on the Network by managing the movement of chunks of encrypted user data [that] are stored across the Network."

Edit to add: Also in What is a Vault? section: “Disjoint Section” is used but not defined anywhere I can see, at least not near this. The term “section” is used and should do fine here as well. “Disjoint” undefined adds potential confusion.


Couple of the FAQ on the safecoin page seem to have words missing I think



  1. Please have a read through again and confirm that the use of the words “vaults” and “nodes” are not in conflict, meaning they aren’t confusing the new visitor.

This needs fine tuning IMO.


Hey @BIGbtc thanks for your feedback. I’ve captured everything except number 7, as I’m not sure what you mean. Could you explain differently please?



On mobile it is just great.
There is maybe lack of pictures, but it looks more light and anyone who whant deep info should start with reading primer.

Than you for this and Roadmap!


Thanks @fergish all logged and passing on to the team for review. Cheers

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Good spotting @scottefc86 - logged and passing to the team. Thanks

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