The New Website Revealed!


First, I really liked the description of the website design goals in this week’s dev update. I now get/understand the style the dev’s were going after.

Second, regarding my earlier comment, these were the “MaidSafe Blues” tones I was craving in the next two example images. They don’t really look “better”… but they feel familiar. There is A Lot of orange that might be better balanced by the familiar blues in some places, but not all (orange does add some really nice effect in other places). Blue is a human color too, we’re 70% to 80% water and a lot of hot air after all. :wink:

Regardless, I like the site content, structure, and flow, the more I look at it. The text/font rendering is very nice. Nice work.


Nice flow and bright colors. Pretty Cool!


Thanks, you just sent me down the rabbit hole of trying to find out the colour of air.


Sorry, a subtle play on words with blue and blew.


This is the original style guide


404 - Oh no’s! We couldn’t find that page :frowning:


You Have to be in Silicon Valley, Maidsafe is at the Decentralised Web Summit there.

They took it with them to San Francisco, it’s now at the venue’s location, Internet Archive:


Mmm seems that someone deleted the page :thinking:


Wow, so they used to have a style guide.
I am now even more baffled.


As I explained in the dev update, we are taking a deliberate step forward with a new style and identity for the project

This will, in time, be formalised into a style guide and other documentation I’m sure, but it has to prove itself in the wild a little longer before we do that.


Good stuff here @JimCollinson The radical shift in technology demands you do this. Everything breaks the mold.


Browsing the site, suddenly realizing the phrase “data chunks” sounds like some made-up official term for a new type of ‘chunk of data,’ rather than just saying that selfsame, more (IMO) flowing phrase: “chunks of data.”

Another thought: hovering your mouse over underlined statements that lead to the FAQ could have the answer appear in a floating box rather than going to the page. I often get lost in all the organization of data; doesn’t seem very attention deficit friendly. Maybe that would break from the uniquely singular design thought process, but it would also be beyond convenient.
I’m also forced to read the huge font size, as even zooming out with the mouse wheel prevents me from viewing the font at a smaller size. (In fact you can zoom in, and the size increases.)
I would remember to just press the mouse wheel to open it in a new tab, but sometimes I’m trying to take in the whole strange site design that I get overloaded and forget to even do that, and by that time I’m already off somewhere doing something else.


That’s a good idea - have mouseover text and a link.
Agree about the font size - too big on the desktop


Yeah, this is worth considering, perhaps for glossary functions too. Although it should be said that mouse-over won’t work for touch screen users.

Yeah, this is a known issue that was just a bit of a stretch for sorting at launch. We’ll get to it though. Thanks!


I have found some inaccurate information with this part of the new website:

Always Free to Access

Information is always free to access. You’ll never be charged for browsing or downloading. The SAFE Network guarantees equal access to data for everyone. You don’t even need an account, just download the browser

This is not entirely true. If an app developer wants to charge SAFE coins for his services, he is allowed t do so and the Network has no control over this. Please look at fixing it.


Yes agree this is incorrect, fyi @dugcampbell @SarahPentland


Obviously, access is free only to information freely provided by safe sites. Changing the message might reduce its impact.


Interesting angle, however, the data will always be on SAFE and should belong to the user. If as you say and app dev uploads the data himself (somehow) then perhaps he can charge for access, but I am not sure folk would pay? It would have to be a huge share which he encrypts, but then lets folk have the key to access, then somebody could just make it public.

Perhaps I am missing something (been a huge long day of meetings), but perhaps it would be clear to say any public data is always free to access and always available. It can get a bit messy though I am sure.


I don’t actually think it’s misleading. Browsing is quite clearly not using a service provided by a third party developer. Unless everyone does what you suggests (which is doubtful) then I think it’s a non issue.


So app developers, music creators, authors, movie makers, game developers will just give their things away for free? Of course not.

The NETWORK is FREE to access. Sure. Just like the current WWW is technically FREE to access, this is kind of meaningless. Websites and Apps will charge what they like, that is the reality.