The New Website Revealed!


This is the problem - visual confusion that is hard for me process visually and cognitively while I’m trying to explore and consume the key information on offer. I find it painful to try and read the website, and I tend to give up when I find websites like that.

It has plenty of good features, the copy I did read seems very good, the structure too, navigation and choice of colours I’m mostly positive about. But the visually distracting layout, multiple columns and harsh befuddling images take me away from that.


Doing a Google search for maidsafe returns links to which doesn’t resolve IP address. Probably needs a redirect and or some seo.


Forked… Hehe ughhhhh yeah lol that’s not how that works…Im an idiot and even I know that. A better explanation would be “copied” the idea for SAFE only used blockchain tech, hence not scalable and misses most of the features and general guts of SAFE and is literally a joke like Doge only doge was original enough.


Two columns? Crap. It looked like about five to me. Good eyes.


But thats kinda the point advertising “it’s free” to the critical types like myself is like saying “come to my country on holiday, we have free air you can breathe” it’s silly and so one then assumes that something else must be free because surely no one would advertise that something which is well known to be free is free… Makes you wonder… Are the products and services of the network free…?


What’s the expected route for someone finding the Web Hosting Manager and getting to the point of uploading a simple website?

I wanted to check recommended version and links to the downloads for WHM, so tried the FAQ but could find anything.

Aside: the “More FAQs” link is confusing because until you scroll down it looks like it just took you back to the top of the FAQs you just looked at. It would be better if it took you to the start of the additional FAQs (i.e. more FAQs).

So, not finding it at I went to But there too I found nothing - even the Tutorial that is designed for website creation fails to mention uploading or the Web Hosting Manager so creating a live website is either not yet documented or quite hard to find amongst or

For devs like me it would also help a lot to have a page that links to the main releases where SAFE Browser / Peruse / WHM, showing the versions that are compatible with each other and what is different in terms of API, WebID/publicNames etc.

I try to keep notes myself but would find it helpful if Maidsafe maintained a page like this as it is rarely mentioned when the API changes with a version in a way that is easy to keep track of - usually I think it is buried in a weekly update, so unless you note that down when you read that, this kind of info is easily lost.

List of Websites/Safesites & WebIDs (Community Resources)

I second that, having taken the same route yesterday to find them… assume nothing of all users and reconfirm the basics at every opportunity. There is too much to track and to be sure of it all.

In case you or others still looking, atm these work for the rebooted Alpha2:
SAFE Browser =
Web-hosting-manager =
and Peruse Browser from


Thanks @davidpbrown I grabbed those from your other post. I’m still unsure what to use for things that use the latest API, see:


Yes, this is not good enough, not even close to it. Lets get @Krishna @bochaco and @DGeddes on this and have some clarity. A fail from us here, but we will recover it :+1:


Agreed. For the safe_app_nodejs we are keeping this in the changelog as seen in v0.9.0 release:


Hi all,

Still on holiday at the moment but I’ll get on to this next week. I want to get all required resources available on DevHub (or at least linked to).

We’ll get this improved!



Hey there,
I just visited the website for the first time in a while and thought I’d share a few suggestions:

1. The word “private” is overlapped by the white rectangle:

2. In this frame, there are 5 images that seem to lack harmony. I also think it would look better to have “David Irvine” under the quote instead of on top and to include his title for those unfamiliar with the project.

3. I don’t like this title very much, it seems a bit tacky to me. btw, I just learned that “Dude, where’s my car?” has an 18% rotten tomatoes score. It’s a small thing, but it seems to get away from the clean branding that we want.


4. Why are these images so small? I think they should be more in proportion to the title text.


Some good points, but…

The “Dude, where’s my blockchain” title and the shabbiness of the comedy it borrows from work to the benefit of the SAFE Network because the title aims at underscoring the shabbiness of blockchain, as does this entire project.


The word ‘private’ probably wants some privacy :smile:


Yeah i agree with everything, except “Dude, Where’s my Blockchain?” is pretty cool & fun :slight_smile:


On the page
there are still two almost identical “Questions”:
How is Safecoin valued?
How is Safecoin valued

The markup still hasn’t been cleaned up.

The above have been mentioned before. I don’t really feel like sharing the link to this site while there are such obvious errors, regardless of what one thinks of the color scheme. Sorry to be that guy.


Excellent points. Im really supportive of getting this safenet public profile cleaned up and somewhat concerned that the same lack of attention will be paid to the new marketing campaign. There is no excuse, enough time has passed and surely Maidsafe has this as a priority.

No more tiptoe around the Safenet website. Fearing the wrath of the Maidsafe community will only allow these unacceptable performances to continue.

If you’re expecting people to trust your vision to change the internet of the entire planet, you at least need to prove your ability to build a website.

Here’s a tip Maidsafe, be cognizant of Parkinson’s Law in project management.

Parkinson’s Law: Work expands to fill the time allotted for completion.

While you may have a good argument for not giving timescales to launching the Safenet, maybe it’s time you start picking some deadlines on these projects that you CAN control.

When will this website be ready for primetime?



Thanks for the reminder and sorry you had to do that, these things should have been cleared up. I’ll get that raised with the team.


Hi all,

That’s the duplicate FAQ and a couple of other items address - website updated.



Oh, should also have said above ^^^

The validator fixes have been put in as well! :slight_smile:

There is still an issue with the react-static files showing a warning in a w3 scan and we (@lionel.faber) has raised an issue on their GH Repo.