The new scaling solution of ethereum


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They’re talking for quite some years about sharding and other stuff now but still they’re stuck with around 20 transactions a second or something. So nice to see all these papers but I rather see a implemented solution. I guess Neo and EOS might blow them away if they don’t come up with something in the coming 12 months. I tried Etherdelta (decentralized exchange) the other day but orders took over a minute or so before they appeared on my screen (needed to be in a block). Bitshares does the same in 2 or 3 seconds. So Ethereum is cool but way to slow.


Bitshares is so undervalued. People see it as à decentralised exchange when it is a very powerful multisig wallet that allows for decentralised shareholding. The market is not mature enough to grasp the full extent of bitshares right now. It’ is one of the fastest currencies, and it’s a hedge if govt go full war against crypto exchange.

Neo is a lot of hype in my opinion.

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Great let’s talk Bitcoin podcast about ethereum and Bitcoin scaling. It looks like side chains is being pushed as a solution, with periodic settlement to the main chain, as other options won’t be sufficient.

Listen to Let’s Talk Bitcoin! #349 - A Little Diversion by Let’s Talk Bitcoin! #np on #SoundCloud

Only listened to half so far, so not sure if SAFENetwork gets a mention or not. However, it seems pretty clear that SAFENetwork could provide a more elegant solution to the scaling issue.

Well, they launched 2 programs now to investigate sharding and adding an extra layer on top of the blockchain. Even third parties may apply to solve the scaling problem. So Maidsafe…:wink: