The New Economy Model

New Model per Jeremy Rifken :

Cooperatives operating at near zero marginal cost on the green networked collaborative commons which includes 3 green internets that work as one through the internet of things. One for communications. One for logistics, One for energy. See his book on the Zero Marginal Cost society or watch him present it on youtube at Davos.

Why? In my opinion its because these are bottom up cord cutting systems that are totally incompatible with the old world order’s vision of the ‘new world order’.

Rifkins models is an answer to a certain problem (in my opinon not Rifken’s):

The actions past and present of the Trilat and the CFR, even without knowing much about these groups, show a pattern which includes their dominance and their aim to control basic industry including food, energy and transport. Their goal is top down command and control over the entire world. It doesn’t matter which top down system it is (capitalism, communism, socialism) what matters to them is the ability to impose order. They will have rationales like nuclear proliferation, economies of scale and over population, but in their case these amount to convenient PR lies. It doesn’t matter to them which currency, or which type of currency or type of banking, all they care about is the “top down” part (centralized planning), the raw power part, the power to impose order. In their model the only competition that counts is their winning and you losing forever. Established, permanent right to rule. That is their whole game. They almost seem like SPECTER from the Bond movies.

Big fan of his work :slight_smile:

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